The choice of spinning depending on its characteristics

Novice anglers, of course, know what is spinning, but sometimes to make an independent selection of the optimum rod fairly easy, too specific various styles of this trend catching.

And the range of sticks lately increased significantly, the newcomers in the stores just the eyes diverge from the abundance of models.

Meanwhile, the success of fishing on predator largely depends on the correct choice of bait, because before you go shopping, you need to improve the theoretical basis, to have an idea about the characteristics of forms and be able to competently understand the classification of spinning rods.

The choice of style of fishing

Classification of spinning rods divides them according to different parameters.

Depending on the characteristics of the chosen style of fishing, which are necessary for spinning:

  • trolling;
  • trolling;
  • jig;
  • twitching;
  • the jerking;
  • ultralight.

Attention! Many styles can be combined and require special rods. For example, for fishing on microjy need ultralajtovogo spinning with strict form.

There is no such thing as a universal spinning which will be suitable for all styles. You can use one rod for multiple areas, but it is not always convenient and efficient.

If you are going to catch a spinning from time to time, to obtain enjoyment from the being on the pond, you can choose some average option.

Material production

Currently, used only a few materials for the manufacture of forms of spinning rods:

  • fiberglass;
  • graphite;
  • composites.

Note! Still you can meet metal spinnings, which, however, for the most part are used as rods for donok.


Fiberglass is one of the most common materials that is common in inexpensive models. Of the advantages include low cost and ease of operation. Ideal for beginners who want to try yourself in the role of spinner. Disadvantages: low sensitivity and a large private lot.


A composite is carbon fiber, which has inclusions of fiberglass fibers. These rods combine a moderate stiffness, and satisfactory strength. The best sticks in terms of price and quality.

Carbon fiber

Carbon (graphite, carbon fiber, carbon fiber) is the most common and popular material for today. Has light weight, good sensitivity and high durability.

Carbon divided by the modularity of – elasticity graphite fibers, than the figure above, the rod is usually more expensive, as it is able to withstand high loads compared to a flowable form.

Different manufacturers have different mark Karbon. You can find such markings:

  • IM7;
  • XT60;
  • 30smi.

In any case, the higher the number in the marking, the higher the modularity used in the manufacture of spinning rods carbon fiber.

Photo 1. The carbon fiber IM7.

The design of the spinning

Design Blanca spinning rods are grouped into three major categories:

  1. Odnochastny are a solid rod without the separation of the knee. The following spoke in honor of the American fishermen. Different nonopening increased durability and inconvenience in transportation, so their length rarely exceeds two meters.
  2. Telescopic spinning rods, on the contrary, are appreciated for compactness. When folded, these rods easily fit in your bag and not take up much space in the trunk of the car. The relative lack of decrease in strength at the joints of the knees.
  3. Plugs – the most common type of forms. This files most often have two tribes: the butt and the tip. Have a good strength with sufficient compactness.

Note! There are plug-sticks, consisting of three, four or even five knees. This so-called travel spinning rods are a great option for travelers, which is the competition telescopes.
The second difference in the construction of spinning is the installation of one of two types of reel seat. On the rod can be used as a spinning reel and a multiplier. In the first case the form is called classic or spinning, in the second casting.

The length of the spinning

Depending on the fishing conditions, availability of boats, size of the reservoir, the coastal environment is selected the length of the spinning. Short sticks used for fishing from boats or on the overgrown shore, long to increase casting distance.

Photo 2. A six-foot spinning.

Most often, the length of the rods is taken is a multiple of the English foot and ranges from 150 cm to 360 (from five to twelve feet). The most popular sticks have a length of 210-270 cm. Forms while seven-foot – tvikenheme, twelve are used for river jig. For trolling the length of the sticks is not as critical. The shortest rods are available for today’s popular ultralight.

System of a spinning

Each rod has its own system, an indicator showing how the blank bends under load.

Depends on the work of spinning when casting, posting and playing:

  1. Ultrafast – extrafast under load in such a form works only the tip of the rod. These sticks are also called “evil”, their main use twitching ParisTech crankbaits minnow.
  2. Fast – fast bends 1/4 of the blank. Twitching and jigging – basic styles for fishing these sticks.
  3. Middle-fast action – fast Moderato – bent upper third of the rod. Spinning with the big stretch can be called universal in the direction of fishing.
  4. In rods, medium action, Moderato, bent half Blanca, top whip. Optimal rods for trolling and fishing posted by snap-ins. Very long-range pole and most comfortable when playing, I can be forgiving of the beginner.
  5. Slow system are the so-called parabolics, are able to bend throughout its length. Ultralajtovogo used for a variety of spinning styles: microclimate, nano-jig, mortising.
Test rods

The most important indicator, to which you should pay attention to when buying is test spinning. It is specified by the manufacturer on the letterhead and refers to the range of weights of lures, which will be convenient to work with a particular rod. The test has two boundaries, each of which has its own value:

  • the bottom number shows the minimum weight of the bait in which it will be felt tactilely by the hand of a fisherman;
  • upper value specifies the weight limit of the lure which, if exceeded, when casting a spinning reel can break.

Variation in test performance from different manufacturers are great, but you can still maintain some boundaries of the test ranges.

Attention! The distinction is rather arbitrary, you can meet the test values other than those listed below.

  1. Ultralight (UL)– the easiest test of spinning lures are allowed in the range of 0.5 – 7 grams.
  2. Light (L) is close to the test ultralight rod. Used light spinning rods for the weights in 3-10 grams.
  3. Mediumlight (ML) is by far the most popular class. This is due to the fact that it possesses sufficient reliability and an extensive selection of baits weight, often from 5 to 25 g.
  4. Medium (M) – the middle class, which is applicable in large bodies of water where fish can grow to large species. Test scores 7-28 grams.
  5. MediumHeavy (MH) – moderate class, which is applicable for large bodies of water. Fishing rods have test values 10 to 35 or 15 to 40 grams.
  6. Heavy (H) – heavy spinning rods. Used mainly for sea fishing and trophy fish. Suitable for trolling. Test from 20 to 50 grams.
  7. ExtraHeavy (XH) – extra heavy spinning rods with a test of more than 50 grams are also mostly used for sea fishing as casting and trolling.

Photo 3. These different spinning!

Test spinning rod for fishing line

Also indicated on the rod line wt, most often, it is marked “line”. It shows how the gap may have a fishing line in combination with a specific rod. If you exceed this figure, then under heavy load, the scaffold stand, and the rod will break.

Is denoted by the line wt in kilograms or pounds (lb). Therefore, if the rod is marked with type, 6-10 lb line, so you can use the line with a test gap of 2.5-4.5 kilograms.

Help! The British pound is approximately 450 grams.

The choke ring

In conditions of increased friction from braided cord modern choke ring equipped high quality inserts:

  • ceramic;
  • aluminum;
  • silicon carbide (SiC).

The rings themselves have different construction and are mounted on one or two legs. There are protivopolozhnye options, often used in the last of these is the Tulip.

What is the handle

The handle of the rod can be made of several types of materials:

  • polyurethane foam;
  • ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA);
  • tube.

These materials have strong advantages and disadvantages to each other, often choosing one option or the other is dictated by the personal preferences of the angler. But it may be noted that the more well-known brand and higher price of spinning, the better will be trimmed to the hilt.

Arm rods may vary structurally. They are made solid and posted. In the second case there is a decrease in total weight due to minimize finishing material.

Photo 4. The cork handle with the old type of reel seat.

Photo 5. Reel seat and new type.

Tips for choosing

Find out what style and in what conditions you plan to fish, you can proceed to the inspection available in the store samples. At first, you should purchase a model that will hit your family budget. Even among the cheap rods you can find decent quality and characteristics of the stick.

But even when you purchase expensive spinning, it is possible to detect the defects or damage from transport, because it is good to check the smallest details of the form.

Given the fact that spinning is bought for a long period of operation, before buying you should thoroughly look over it and pay attention to the following points:

  1. You need to make sure that the markings on the base of the whip matched the full-scale tests. Speed order is determined “by Patriach”, the test suspension replacement weights or by careful flexion when straight into the wall or floor.
  2. Carefully check the joints of the blank. For this you need to connect the spinning or forward until it stops, if it is telescopic, and then carefully look around. To connect knee should fit, except for turns and gap.
  3. The throughput of the ring spinning needs to sit tightly without backlash and to be strictly in line with no radial offset.
  4. Should be no defects on the form.
  5. During the inspection of the reel seat to pay attention to the moving parts go freely and easily.

Tip! The coil and the rod for the beginners it is better to buy at the same time. They must be balanced so that the center of gravity about had the upper nut of the reel seat.

Is it possible to buy a universal rod

Currently, the commercially available rod butt with one replaceable tips of different test classes. In particular, such sticks are on the popular Chinese shopping site at very affordable prices. By purchasing this rod you can test several test ranges, and then decide on the chosen style and to acquire highly specialized rod.

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