The Googan Squad Banger Vs The Googan Squad Flat Banger

Any time bass and shad are congregated on shallow flats filled with logs or stumps, your best lure choice is a square bill crankbait for triggering reaction strikes.

The decision you need to make is whether to choose the standard round squarebill such as the Googan Squad Banger or a flat-side square bill such as the Googan Squad Flat Banger.

The standard round-bodied square bill is the popular choice by many bass anglers, including myself, but there are times when flat-side models produce better. Both the Googan Squad Banger and Googan Squad Flat Banger deflect well after the lures are banged into cover to trigger a reaction bite. Both models have a great swimming action that resembles a swimming baitfish.

Although these lures have some similarities, the baits also have differences that make each one effective in certain situations. I usually base my square bill choices on water clarity and fishing pressure.

The Googan Squad Banger

I prefer using the standard square bill in stained to murky water and on days when bass are holding tight to wood cover. The flat-side square bill works better for me in clear water and days when bass are either cruising the flats or holding loosely around rocks.

The Googan Squad Flat Banger

I favor the flat-side in clear water because it generates a tight wiggling action that bass seem to react to better in clear water. The standard square bill features more of a wide wobbling action that generates more water displacement making it easier for bass to pinpoint in off-colored water.

A flat-side is a good square bill alternative on waters where bass have seen countless standard square bills burned past them. You can run the flat-side with its tighter swimming action at a slow speed by cover to entice finicky bass into biting.

It’s All About Dem Angles

The angle of deflection you want from your square bill also determines whether to use a flat-side or standard model. If you want your square bill to make a hard bang and deflect farther away from the cover, you should pick the Googan Squad Banger. After its bill crashes into the cover, the lure’s wider body also bumps into the cover and pushes it farther away from the wood.

The Googan Squad Flat Banger should be your choice if you want the square bill to stay closer to the cover because the lure’s flat body just ticks the wood after its bill hits the cover.

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