The nozzle of plant origin. The types and description of

For fishing used plant tips. Sometimes the question of what nozzle to use on this pond, under certain conditions, becomes the most important and on it depends almost all the success of Your fishing.

It is often possible to observe a situation when two, sitting next to fisherman going home in the opposite direction. One had time for a smoke break from the biting and the other only and did that smoked and watched the neighbor repeatedly throws the fish in your tank.

If You are in this situation and Your situation is bad, then just go and ask the neighbor to which nozzle he catches. Because sometimes, in one and the same nozzle, some kind of additive or admixture may be a decisive moment. You know, he was not just in such situations. You may be reluctant to give “secret” tips, but… who doesn’t try, he does not drink champagne.

Now let’s look at what are the most common nozzles are of plant origin and their brief description:

The nozzle of plant origin:
Catching carp on boilies

Modern nozzle, prishedshie to us from abroad that have become very popular with kabatnikova. Anyway you can buy practically any fishing store and prepare at home.


This category includes practically all grains which, after cooking, or raw, can be put on the hook. On our site You can find many recipes and methods of fishing for feed grains.

The dough

This mass, made of flour stirred in water with the possible addition of other ingredients. Also, the dough for fishing are frequently made from a crumb of normal bread. Learn more about how much batter and what fish can be cooked on a fishing trip, read up on the articles pages of our website


Grits, which cook the dough for fishing, as well as preparing a “mess”, mess, etc.


Its fishing is frequently used stretching. In other cases, it is kneaded to the state test. Sometimes, adding a couple of drops in such a “bread dough” sunflower oil, improves the biting, activating the fish’s appetite from the nozzle.


In cooked form, this is the most common nozzle, in some regions, carp, carp, grass carp.

Berries and fruits

Be tasty showerheads, if they grow at the pond and the fish knows that You planted on the hook. I had a case when the reservoir was almost at the garden, where there were many Apple trees. There’s a fine carp caught on the Apple, cut into small cubes.


This nozzle can be safely attributed to the classic when fishing for carp, carp.

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