The right to life flies in the spinning

Float sbirulino, or whatever he’s called, bombard, I met a long time ago. Year do not remember exactly, I remember at that time of more or less decent gear in Kamyshin began to appear spinning rods Shimano katana and Penn Milenium.

Sometimes purchased stick Shimano Catana with a growth of 3 m and a test 3-15 and a few floats, was to try to catch on the waterfront on UL lures purchased for the occasion in “dreams of the Fisherman”. Frankly, the people of my snap-in was not clearly perceived, except that finger to his temple did not twist. Well, today this snap we enjoy almost everything. Something I get, something is not, then there are other rods snap and I threw the whole thing.

Twitching and jigging filled my time and I returned to this topic only after enthusiastic sahastranam. But not immediately. My friend, Jelly, became interested in this topic too, and if I did fly, and yet was inspired, he pursued almost constantly and has reached, in this case some success. Some of the flies he gave me to test, some I had bought something myself swaal. Actually this all started, I wanted to drive with bombardos, well, even the original fans are made by Yura had to test.

How to use the bombard in our area. Many colleagues use it as the main cargo for fishing on a garland, someone charges traditionally and catches on crankbaits and rubber.

I with such approach do not agree. Firstly, from the moment I took up spinning I let myself go to fish primitive snap-in type lights. In the second. I think Wobbler is an independent bait and she needs to use without any floats. Thirdly, to use the rubber there are other, more effective montages and they need to be able to use it. In other matters in his opus, I do not insist on the exclusive rightness of their opinions. It’s only my own. In addition, flies of course can be served nahlystovymi tackle. Yes, it is, but I have no desire to master fly fishing, I’m sick of spinning and to be cured not yet.


Each bait has its place and time, so that flies in our area also have their own special time when their use is most effective. Time is from mid-may to early July, then all the efforts are negated. The bass , and what I caught, the behaviour is changing and further use of the streamer useless. In other matters, and probably now, in October, when I write these lines, it is possible to catch nahlystovymi all sorts of bells and whistles, I just did not check, there was no time.

So, what was the use? Mostly different streamers and turntables without shipping. Well, everything in order.


fry in the water takes the form of small forage fish, to distinguish very difficult. A very effective piece.

Streamers on the tubes. Don’t know who they resemble, but to catch them I liked.

Don’t know the name, but this, too, catching not only bass, sorry the photo of the Chub failed to do.

Here, this is from my variation on the red-tag.

This, too, of my as seen on bite him, too.

On this picture you can see how isgiven “fry”. But nevertheless its working qualities, it is not lost, though of course from an aesthetic point of view it is already possible to showcase as a veteran.

Streamers okrujenie on the tubes. This is a separate issue, these baits can be safely cast without a float. A fishing rod with the test up to 10 grams, or 7 grams, I think it will be quite comfortable. But I got to 10 and I quit without problems, truth to try managed under the curtain, after which the bass lost all interest in baits of this kind.

Were the underdogs, with them at me did not grow together, have not picked up the key, maybe not their time and place. But in this article I do not want to write, that I did not work does not mean that these Primakov is not working.


As I said above, the fan I used without shipping. The original shape of the petals, Yuri made them myself. It is not a copy of any brands, of this author’s work.

Here for example the “Pumpkin seed” No. 00.

But “long” No. 00.

And here’s the fish who are interested in these turntables.

An unexpected trophy, but all to be honest.

Here is another “long” is quite original in shape, in size somewhere, probably something between No. 1 ; 1(+) for “MISP”. Interesting and very efficient spinner.

Floats – I enjoyed sinking, but it does not matter, I just was so convenient.

The fishing rod is Shimano Catana with a growth of 3 m and a test 3-15. Stroy lapsely. Many disadvantages to this rod, front nut, huge jig grip, it is not clear why he’s there. I think it cost gross production. I specifically compared the 2 butt, and took three test 10-30 are all the same, even the input ring standing in the same place, the only thing I didn’t measure diameter, but don’t be surprised if he will be the same. Inherent in all the Skating cleanie the top of it, some time after the start of fishing. So, it is necessary to follow. Tried to look for a replacement, but while the fishing rod with the dough and the growth I was no longer caught.

As the main carrier of the line I used monk Sufix XL Strong is 5.4 kg/12lb 0.25 mm and Cormoran Profiline 5.2 kg/11,6 lb 0.25 mm. Leash fluorocarbon Team Daiwa T. D. ADES 3lb Line 0,155 mm. Why monk? Just wanted to soften the pitch and playing. But if someone wants to put the fence, please, the taste and color markers are different.

Swivel used most common, but if it is possible to put a triple bet, I guess he’s there more than not, especially if you plan to charge the fan.

Next season I think to continue to study the subject with streamers. Why I took this? Just curious, is it possible in our conditions to fish streamers? It turned out that it is possible. So, if anyone has a desire to engage in fly fishing, then in the front, flies and streamers it is possible to catch our fish. If there is no desire to learn fly fishing, then you can always use a float sbirulino.

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