The shipping

An article on the problem of carrying an inflatable vehicle through a variety of specialized devices for transporting inflatable boats. It considers the question of the equipment of the boat transom wheels.

Many fans of water rest, quite often when laying new routes, the problem arises with the transportation of swimming facilities. By itself the shipping is very troublesome and ambiguous.

Most often the owners of boats of various types are faced with common problems:

  • possibility of transporting boats and the necessary equipment on the vehicle;
  • transportation of boats on a specially equipped or converted trailers, security, dimensions, speed;
  • transport of boats to water with transom wheels for boat PVC;
  • ability during the move not to remove attached equipment – motor, depth sounder installed awnings and seats in the boats.
Transport trailers for transportation of boats

Such sensitive issues require to approach the boats with great care and to show not only creativity, but also observe all prescribed precautions.

The best option for the transportation of boats of any class is to use a special trailer platform, specially equipped for these purposes.

A feature of this trailer is:

  • special platform that allows you to securely attach the boat;
  • the trailer must have sufficient weight and have a low center of gravity, because the shape of the boat significantly affects aerodynamic qualities, helps increase the sail transport, such trailers are more susceptible to rollover;
  • fixing system with belts for the carriage of boats should provide maximum stiffness of the mounting at all points;
  • boat trailer must meet all regulatory requirements for safety;
  • also, such trailers must ensure the safety of transport vessels already docked boat equipment including motors;
Transom wheel for boats

Another way of solving the problem of transporting boats is the use of specially installed, quick release wheels. Such devices are often required to deliver the boat directly to the reservoir when the possibility of driving a car very difficult. Transom wheels for boat PVC today is a separate kind of equipment produced in series by the producers, and widespread of the craftsmen.

Today the installation of these wheels on a boat and setting the boat motor and other necessary items to ensure the comfort of the equipment on the boat makes regular boat highly maneuverable and reliable means (about of the extra of products on the ship read this article).

Mounted on a PVC boat transom wheels allow without much effort and hassle to deliver the vessel as to the pond, and also just spend out of the water on the shore.

Conclusion: a simple and reliable means of transportation allows you to quickly and safely carry out the transportation of boats over long distances, and use the transom wheels for boat PVC to get it into the water, while the problem of filling the cylinders and assemblies of the hull the boat will disappear once and for all.

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