These different lures Savage Gear

The Danish company Savage Gear gradually comes to the forefront in the production and sale of baits. No wonder Wobbler Savage Gear today, it has become desirable in the spinning box of every angler.
Official site of the company “vision” Rus, distributor of the Danish manufacturer is on the page for about thirty models of different crankbaits.

Our today’s review will be devoted to getting acquainted with products presented on the portal.

The types of wobblers

Among the lures Savage Gear page on the website, there are lures of various types:

  • minnow;
  • cranky;
  • nastavnici;
  • rattlin;
  • jerky;
  • sliders;
  • poppers.

The cranks have a wide range of weight – from one to one hundred grams can therefore be used with rods of different classes on the test.

Buy Wobbler line of Danish companies are different degrees of buoyancy:

  • floating;
  • slow sinking or slow sink;
  • slowly pop up;
  • neutral or suspender;
  • sinking.

These qualities are used depending on changing conditions of fishing.

Examples catchability models

In this part of our story we will try to introduce you to the most popular and catchability wobblers of the company.

Many anglers with the experience remember, how at the time of fuss Wobbler Prey 115 from Savage Gear. This neutral buoyancy minnow, made in a classic style. The original equipment ball blade added sound effect and attractiveness.

Currently its base is made of several interesting models:

  1. Manic Prey Deep Diver – deep slow pop-up shed, designed for trolling and fishing sabres.
  2. 3D Prey – Wobbler of neutral buoyancy, used for catching almost all species of predators in standing water, and on the course.
  3. Pop Prey (Salt) – Popper for catching marine and freshwater fish with elongated body. The floating lure available in two sizes: 7 and 18 grams.

Compound Wobbler Larvae is much more mobile manuelnih their counterparts. Three of his articulation when posting create such realistic vibrations that tempt not only the usual perch and pike, but also show excellent results in trout and salmon fishing.

Wobbler Fat Vibes combines form shade mount in the back like rattling. Sinking crank with a horizon of 2-7 meters when submerged produces a rumble, collecting predator around the pond.

How to buy

Buy Wobbler Savage Gear easily. It is enough to visit one of the stores “Grizzly” or add the product to cart with one click of the mouse on the website. The chosen bait then paid in various ways: in cash on delivery, credit card or postal order.

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