To catch a roach

Today we will look at what to catch roach, one of the most common fish in our waters. It has become the most common because of its simplicity. Roach is found, where there is no other fish in shallow lakes, overgrown rivers and semi-marshy ponds.

Usual crowds and very often it is near the shore. It feeds on insects that have fallen into the water, and small aquatic animals.

To choose bait for catching roach to the basis of the main prey base, that is, of those insects which are found in the pond. Lot fishing literature advises to choose as a bait worm, but it is not so. Yes, definitely a roach bite on a worm, but this happens very rarely, and not every body of water. I often had to catch roaches using as bait dough. If it was not possible to prepare the dough, then I took a crumb of bread, mixed it with sunflower oil and rolled balls.

What to catch roach on the river

Near the banks of rivers grows a lot of trees, and with them falls very much insects. This most often occurs when rain or strong wind. After a rain you can try and you have to catch roach on the fly. But not everyone is able to catch fly fishing, or rather almost no one, so this bait is the special distribution has not received.

In some reservoirs the small fry refuses to take the worm and then the question arises, what to catch roach? Now, to catch it at or semolina on the dough. Semolina to cook simple, she must be boiled until tender, and then stash in the fridge and keep there until you get something similar to jelly.

Well, how to cook the dough all know, flour and water mixed and ready. But sometimes it turns liquid and just off the hook. Now, some anglers put medical cotton wool, the dough kept a tighter hold on the hook. For winter fishing as bait used Motyl and very rarely are caught in slices of bacon.

Lure the roach in summer and winter alike, the cake and biscuits can be added to the bait trigger the fish bite xxl. In some reservoirs the small fry better takes on corn or peas. A little analysis of a wide range of lures, we can conclude that roach bite on everything, but not everywhere. On some reservoirs one nozzle will work flawlessly, while others generally will not catch. Very noticeable difference in the preferences of roach in the river and lake.

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