Tool for fishing

What to take for a fishing tool that had everything we needed and at the same time, not take up much space

Somehow, in the literature about fishing a lot, and often describe all kinds of tackle and fishing methods. Roughly speaking, over the last 10-15 years, something new in fishing was not invented, but only improved the already known methods of fishing. In addition, even a beginner fisherman, after reading one of the booklets, which are now on the market of thousands, will become quite clear how and what to catch a particular fish.

Strange, but having studied hundreds of press sheets about fishing, I’m only some of the sources noted that the authors barely touch a very interesting subject with the tools necessary for fishing. Yes, that tool. No typos here. And, it’s one thing if You are going fishing by car and You already in the car, there are some tools to help in the right situation, and quite another thing when fishing You rode a bike or walked. It becomes obvious that to carry a particular tool is not handy, so the question is, what’s the tool needed for fishing and what for.

I will try to answer the second question: why do we need any tool for fishing.

  1. Special tools to extract the hook from the mouth of the fish
  2. Tool (screwdriver) for tightening and loosening
  3. Means for clamping loaded
  4. Duct tape (something to bond, strengthen, etc.)
  5. Tool for cutting, sawing and more

From the above, we can assume that it is desirable to have the following tools for fishing:

  1. Knife
  2. Pliers
  3. Shyla
  4. Nail file
  5. Scissors
  6. Duct tape
  7. File
  8. Screwdrivers (Phillips and regular)
  9. Some other tools

I think that to wear all this stuff is unreasonable and inconvenient, as it’s hard and takes a lot of space. But to abandon the right tools is a hope to chance, as, if necessary, will have nothing to produce an emergency repair gear that will surely spoil the mood and the fishing will be ruined.

That is why quite a long time fishermen of our country out of this situation in many different ways:

1.Someone bought miniature tools

2.Collecting tool in the glove box on the bike

3.Those who could afford expensive purchases, purchased special kits for fishing imported, where they were presented with a “rescue” kit for the fisherman

I took many different attempts, which, in principle, does not suit me.


And, just recently, literally, 3-5 years ago, on our market there are folding knives, multitools, which were represented practically all the necessary tools that you can use in any situation. At the same time, these knives have a “funny” size and weight, can easily fit in a jacket pocket or backpack, have a decent adequate strength for the repair of fishing. And most importantly, these kits are affordable. Today, a folding knife (there are about a dozen different instruments) can be bought for 100-300 rubles.

The photo shows that with this set, any fisherman can not be afraid that at the wrong time will unwind the bolts on the coil. Then there are the pliers, awl, and knife with blade, file, screwdrivers etc. So I recommend to buy this device and enjoy at your leisure.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your duct tape, it weighs not much, and takes no place, and even what you can do with duct tape, I think, not worth mentioning.

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