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The season of pike fishing after a ban is not far off. We assume that as we all in the wording you carefully sorted your entire Arsenal of lures, wondering which of them will be more trust this year. Crankbaits? Spoon lures? Maybe silicone bait? This test we will try to help you in the difficult choice.

General characteristics

Huge selection of lures, which offers a modern market of fishing products, forcing manufacturers to find new solutions. The bait should be of interest to a buyer, first and foremost, its effectiveness. The company Mikado, introduced this season a new series of lures Flying Fishunter, enhanced version of the popular Ripper. But in order…

Quality and performance

Fishunter lures in the classic version there are in the market for several years and still are very popular. They have always been characterized by its reliability.

High quality is the strong point of the tested model, it can be seen in all aspects, starting from the material to the shape of the lure. We tested silicon Fishunter lure Flying a length of 13 cm. the Entire series is available in several color options. Of course, the colors were chosen so that everyone can find something for themselves. You can choose from natural colors like pearl, bronze or engine oil, there is also a very aggressive color.


But what distinguishes a proven Flying Fishunter from its predecessors? A distinct accent is a small hole in the rubber material, located at the end of the body. It serves to attach another lure, the so-called “wings”, specially created in order to create one with Flying Fishunterem.

“Wings” are nothing like the combination of two small bodies classic Twister. According to the creators, this Fishunter lure Flying armed with wings will increase its attractiveness to predators and create a more powerful hydroacoustic wave. Draw your attention to the fact that the wings of the Twister is additionally impregnated with the attractant with the smell of shrimp.

There are many options for the color of the wings, so the angler fishing can create any color variations. Wings are available in sizes 50 mm and 71 mm. Each of these dimensions for the appropriate model Flying Fishunter. Depending on the size of bait Packed in a blister with 7 pieces (versions 10.5 cm) or 3 pieces (version 13 cm). This method of packaging lures has become recently very fashionable and more and more manufacturers use it. It’s a pretty convenient solution, as the rubber does not bend or collapse during storage and transportation.


Flying Fishunter is a lure designed for catching most freshwater predators, such as baits, we are interested in the most. According to our estimates, this lure was created specifically for the pike, not disdain it is also a catfish or perch. With the additional, wavy ornaments in the shape of a Twister, the lure turns into an underwater glider with a slow dip.


Fishing lures set we had at our disposal, namely bait size 13 cm are$ 4 per package (3 pieces). However, this must also be added the cost of wings – 2$ (per pack of 3 or 5 pieces, depending on size). In the end, the cost of bait, in case of full weapons 13 cm Flying Fishunter is 6$. The price is not too low, but in this case, you should keep in mind the so-called novelty effect. There is really a difficulty with the availability of such lures on the market, although this is probably a temporary phenomenon.

In action

At first, the initial evaluation of bait we asked a lot of questions. Will the lure work well in the water, how to lead the lure using the wings? But first things first…

These constructive solutions have the advantage that they can be used separately. If we want to catch the so-called the tandem, we use all of it separately. Initial fears that putting the wings in the housing bore Fishunter you will not have been in vain. The material of the lure, quite durable and flexible. Yes, in the beginning appear to be a minor difficulty with the installation of the flexible part, but after a while this will not have any problems. Another question is will they hold his job…. So, will. For fishing, never happened that the wings fell out. Their body is designed in such a way that the part that needs to be in the hole Fishunter, well it keeps. They can be removed at any time, strongly pulling to one side.

Flight quality bait, in our estimation, were subjected to restriction, however this is not unusual. In the air the wings have a great resistance, and in the water affect the speed of the dive. Flying Fishunter is immersed slowly, and the wings nice range and attract predators. The bait is a bit like rubber lures that mimic frogs.


At even leading Fishunter works traditionally, that is slightly tilted to the side, the tail oscillates, and the ends of the twisters doing their job exemplary. Their length in water corresponds to the length of the tail Fishunter. Fish will not be able to bite them, not catching the tail Fishunter. Color variations that you can use for fishing, is another interesting solution. There are days when the predator is only interested in a certain color, the next day, he responds to completely different. We can use both colors at the same time. Bright orange with the engine oil? Why not? Motor oil blue? And who will forbid us?

According to our estimates, Flying Fishunter works very well with light jig heads. Fit this lure in weedy water.

Hook head you need to choose such that he came to the place where the wings enter the hull Fishunter. Thus, we will always have the ability to quickly change the color of the wings without removing and not perevooruzhit set. What else we watched during the use of the fishunter lures Flying? Well, sometimes it happens that the tail Twister can “stick” to the body of the Ripper or to wrap the hook. Not always the twitching of the lure will help. You need to fix it manually.

Overall impression

New Mikado in the form of Flying Fishunter is, without a doubt, an interesting offer on the market. Bait solidly made, well packaged. Works perfectly. The solution in the form of combining the work of the Ripper and Twister tails can lead to positive effects for pike, catfish and walleye. The acquisition price is not too low, however, we believe that we should try to buy and test set will work in your waters. We provide Fishunter Flying award “editor’s Choice” because she really can be the most efficient in different water bodies.

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