TOP lures for pike Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Roach

Full imitation of natural food is becoming a major problem for many manufacturers aimed at persuading the potential customers in their products.

We were curious how the fish react to this type of innovation, which was produced bait 3D Line Thru Roach. This is just a marketing operation or a really effective bait for large predator?

General characteristics

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Roach – another bait for the production of which was used a range of innovative technologies and concepts designed to give the artificial bait is the most realistic look.

The chief, however, is that in contrast to the exceptionally beautiful lures from Japan, “multiple” tail carries the attributes of an effective bait, at least based on characteristics, visible already at first glance. For us it was interesting to see this big bait in real conditions, i.e. in the natural habitat of the pike.

Quality and performance

In General, the model for other companies in the market. Product Savage Gear performed flawlessly in every detail. Special attention is given equipment for bait. The winding ring, the wire for protection from the teeth of pikes and hooks – all items are strong and durable. For these “little things” is a big plus.


The rubber part of the lure has no traces of any flaws. Attention to the smallest elements of the lure is at the highest level. Hard rubber and looks solid. Details invoice husk, small glitter, paint and 3D eyes to enhance the attractiveness of the bait. The manufacturer has equipped the Line Thru Roach long steel leash – we think he’s a bit too long, but more on that in the next part. Comparing the tested bait with similar tires from other manufacturers, Savage Gear is obviously better when it comes to additional equipment. Catchy hooks and rings much better. The rubber part of the lure also looks very good.


The main purpose of the copy a live roach is undoubtedly the pike. In certain conditions, these lures will be suitable for walleye and catfish. Either way, we’ll be dealing with big fish!

We tested the Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Roach in different water bodies. Tried to catch them pike. When choosing the right fishing rod and reel, despite their weight and size they can be easy to catch. They also work well when trolling. Our observations showed that the most comfort we had when fishing a powerful and long rod. Much more difficult to throw short rods. We propose to use such a large bait only with the rod, designed for heavy loads.


Offer manufacturer includes two sizes in two variants of buoyancy and five color options. The smaller model (18 cm) costs around 15$. Large model (25 cm) costs about 24$. Savage Gear has accustomed us to high prices on their lures. Of course, you can find bait Line Thru similar to Roach, which price will be lower. But, in our opinion, the quality and parameters of the proposed Line Thru Roach worth the money, determined by the manufacturer.

In action

Catches on the bait Line Thru Roach really impressive and we have experienced this at least several times during our tests. The bait is extremely attractive. The main work LineThru Roach – classical motion of a snake, and the game “Stop & Go” on slow posting, creating a provocative and attractive to predator vibrations in the water.


During many hours of testing this lure we noticed the item which us a little disturbed. It is too long the steel line and bait. If we assume that we will only fish the bait all day, her task is completed 100%, however, when you replace this bait others, you must use your own leashes. If you attach the bait with his leash to the leash directly attached to the bait is too large the length of the leash, which makes it difficult to perform quality casts.

Overall impression

Well done bait. Expensive, but worth it. LineThru Roach is a very interesting addition to the box the spinner, hunting for a large predator.

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