Tweaking Soft Plastics To Catch More Bass

Soft plastic lures taken straight out of the package will frequently catch bass, but savvy anglers who spend time tinkering with these baits usually get more bites, especially on pressured waters.

You can modify your soft plastics by clipping, slicing, melting or any other means to create a better bass catcher. Many of the alterations you can make are simple even for novice anglers to try.

Here’s a look at two simple modifications you can make to various soft plastics to change the looks and actions of the lures.

Getting Tricky With Finesse Worms

Through some alterations, you can change a do-nothing worm into a lure with livelier action. One way to liven the worm’s action is to cut at least four slits 1 1/2 to 2 inches long on one side of the lure to give it tentacles on that end.

When you flip it and it comes over something, it will fall with a more natural look because those tentacles give the bait a tail action. You can also cut slits in both ends of the lure to create a unique-looking worm for rigging wacky style on a hook.

Slim Fast For Those Soft Plastics

Some simple alterations can also be made to the plastic chunks you attach to your jigs. Thinning down the legs of the chunk with a knife creates more action out of the legs. The only drawback is you tend to lose the legs when you catch a fish because they are so thin that they will break off. You can also cut notches at the end of the chunk’s legs to make the appendages look like crawfish pincers.

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