Unpacking parcels with lures

Went recently to one of the Internet fishing stores to buy new items, 2018, namely, silicone bait, focused on fishing micro-jigs.

Causing the distribute in the basket any small things required for a minimum order amount.

Well, let’s start!!!

It looks like the whole package pretty small. Start to look at the contents with silicone lures.
Let’s start with the bait for which I decided to order and with Lucky John Alien Bug (with eng. Alien beetle).

Indeed, the present vibrohvost very reminiscent of something “alien” or an alien.

The bait I chose a 1.5 inch equal to 3.8 cm, and Waka Ayu color, very interesting color combines bright green belly of the lure and back in the color “engine oil” with lots of glitter. Pack of 10 pieces.

The quality of bait is very good, thin legs, and antennae are perfect casting, and on the back of the lure has a slot for mounting of a shad on the offset hook.
Well, the combination of the two colors is just amazing, the bass is just crazy, that is for catching striped predator I purchased this bait.

The tail of the lure has a pretty thick base, and I think will be with the dignity to hold perches attack and tingling, not looking up at the first bite.

The body of the lure is pretty meaty, and the holders of spinning up to 3-4 oz. Have to minimize the weight of the load in catching up on “alien.”
Moving on to the next bait, that’s Lucky John Nayada, an imitation of the larva of a dragonfly.

Size 2.5 inch or 5 cm, and the Plum Purple color, the package contains 9 lures. I think this form of lure is already becoming a classic of fishing to the passive bait. Their own games from Nayada no, and its animation is completely in the hands of the spinner, and is limited only by his imagination.

Here podbrey, and drawing, and a long pause with a small vibration lure.

Detailing of the bait is close to perfection, and the color is many anglers favorite fishing perch. Although on inch size will have to rush and always hungry Murata, and perch.
As well stumbled on in excess of budgetary silicone lure firms MicroKiller.

This bait produced in Russia, and decided to support domestic producers decided to order a sample of a couple of packs of these baits.

Let’s look at them. Let’s start with the bait MicroKiller vesnianka – Yes, with the name of the bait company decided not to split hairs, and is so named as it is actually.
This bait is an imitation of the larvae of stoneflies.

In package 8 pieces, and the colour: purple. The size of the lure 3.5 cm opening in the nose appeared to be just simply disgusting silicone smell, reminiscent of the kind of rotting organic matter, a very unusual smell, I recommend not to smell it. Thus, the quality and the implementation of bait pretty high level, of course with the price. Silicone has an average softness, hardness is similar to silicone lure firms Fanatik or Megabass. Cast the bait without marriage, and on the legs stoneflies worked even more. The decoy is passive and requires animation from the angler. By the way color is pretty “hit” for perch.

Following the lure of this brand is MicroKiller crustacean, color: blue, pack of 8 pieces, long bait is 30 mm.

The same disgusting smell, and the same silicone. Not super soft, but this softness is enough for it without the problem of animation.

Claws of crustaceans have a thin base, and is sure to become the main prey of acusat, off will be on time.

The legs of crustaceans why then are bent in different directions, and are more like hairs than the legs of the shrimp.

But the color of the lure I think will be in demand in our waters. This silicone lures complete.

Another bait that I ordered is a micro codeblock Lucky John Ima, weight 2,1 gr.

The spinner is equipped with a beardless hook, and is focused on arenou trout fishing, but I prefer micro spoons, spinning lures, and slowly gather a small collection of metal lures from different manufacturers. Well, that and graduated to consider the bait, then it will only fishing accessories.

And the first that we will consider are single hooks. Ordered hooks Lucky John No. 6 and No. 10.

The hooks have a great ear, and this is their main advantage when used in jig fishing.

At the time of posting not one weight is not jammed and is not skewed in this hook, and guarantees the freedom of the lure. Quality crochet satisfactory, sharp. No. 6 sits on the same vibrohvost Alien Bug.

Hook No. 10 complements the Song from MicroKiller.

So decided to try to use load shape “prong”, and made order 3 weights, different weight, 1, 1,5, 2 gr.

Let’s try, maybe go with a balloon shape on this form if there is less to collect himself in mud deposits during a step of the transaction.
Well, where do without jig heads micro jig fishing??!

Therefore, also in the form of samples ordered several “heads” Lucky John in weight 2 grams, it is the more weight I Agrajag baits micro jig fishing.

With the dimensions I guess and they are the perfect addition to a new bait.

Well, friends??!!
This finish!!!
PS Love fishing.
Respect the fish.

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