Varieties of fishing rods

Fishing rod designed for casting a line and hooking fish. It must be sturdy, straight, flexible, light and resilient. Light tackle increase the maneuverability, the fisherman less tired, when active fishing, fishing rod is long in the arms.

Rapid fatigue of the fish, promotes elasticity and its fishing, and the flexibility of the rod softens considerable jerks and protects from breakage.

On a good fishing rod is no curvature after bending. Rods is selected in accordance with fishing line than she is weaker and thin, the more flexible the rod must be. Its length depends on method of fishing. Types of fishing rods fishing Rods are natural (natural, natural) and purpose built (made to measure sizes, from a durable material).

Do lackorzynski, one-piece and is mounted with respect to begeca or deaf tackle. In the season of fishing rods are divided into winter and summer. For summer fishing are – float, Donna, wire and spinning tackle.

At the winter fishing are for fishing on the jig, float, and lure, live bait. Fishing rod for winter fishing is a tiny whip. For natural rods use a whip made of bamboo and other tree species. The best of them bamboo.

Specially built fishing rods are mainly used for spinning. They are made of thick bamboo, metal or plastics. Laminated rods are made of bamboo different elasticity and strength, but sometimes fall apart. And the metal rods is made of thin-walled duralumin and steel tubes is a reliable, but coarse. Rods of plastics began to displace all others. They do not rot, not corrode and not fall apart. Plastic rods made from fiberglass, fiberglass is the base, and a binder – synthetic resins. For protection from moisture of the product is covered with varnish. Their resilience and strength is largely dependent on manufacturing and technology.

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