Why fishing need a slingshot

Fishing is a common leisure activity, for some it’s a favourite hobby, others go on the water for sports Hobbies. The important thing is that all fishermen get pleasure from the process.

And of course, everyone wants to bring home a good catch, and the ideal souvenir which then long remember, as a matter of pride. All fishermen, from professionals to Amateurs, trying to apply various methods to improve the efficiency of fishing.

Bait fish at the immediate point of casting bait plays an important value. And how to deliver the bait to the desired point? Slingshot fishing is a device that, when used properly, provides an accurate message feed on the planned site.

Bait is the key to effective fishing

Bait is an important attribute of fishing, which should take care in advance. Especially if you plan on hunting for fish with specific tastes. The modern industry of fishing products offers a wide variety of these products. Bait are:

All this variety is developed by scientists, chemists, fisheries scientists, and researchers in order to provide maximum bite.

So, what gives the lure fish:

  • attracting animals to the bait;
  • contribute to the exacerbation of feelings of hunger from aquatic life;
  • relaxes the attention, caution fish.

Many fishermen prepare the bait with their hands, each stock has its own recipes. This process is simple, but necessary products often are available in any home. At the same time, significantly saving finances, and also have the opportunity to generously feed the fish.

Complementary feeding of fish with the help of slingshots

On close distances it is possible to successfully cast the lure with your hands. Of course, we are talking about a distance of 20 metres. But when the question is about casting far, there is no bait slingshot difficult to do. Rather, it is possible and without it, but reaching that goal will be very rough, which will significantly reduce the likelihood and frequency of biting. However, you will have to allocate some time to acquire a certain skill.

The correct application of the slingshot gives you the following advantages when casting lure:

  • range;
  • accuracy;
  • speed.

And this tool is indispensable if the pond you caught the wind, especially headwind and choppy. It creates some difficulties, even if you use a fishing slingshot, but it greatly simplifies the process.

Tip! When the wind is strong, it should wait between gusts to make a cast in that period of time.

But not only the slingshot affect the accuracy of the cast bait. Strength, speed, and range depend largely on the size and weight of the bait balls. They need to mold the same shape and density. That is, it is important to take from the total mass is equal to the amount of feed and the creation of his balls, squeezing the mass with equal force. Again, to achieve this you need prilovchitsya. Take this question seriously, as even a slight difference in the weight of the ball greatly affects the accuracy long distance casting.

How slingshot for fishing?

The slingshot device is known to many from teenage. Slingshot for bait is of the same construction and function as those of which the child threw stones. They consist of handles, harnesses and cups for placement of a lure.

But the system of silent differs, depending on the purpose of the tool. Release:

  1. Slingshot for small food. Suitable for distribution of supplemental feeding in the upper layers of water. Often it is a light crumbly mass of maggots, pellets or mixtures of interest to the fish. After casting the float, you need to constantly, in small portions feeding maggots to create a thread sinking bait, including bait with a hook. A Cup is better to choose a non-rigid, in the shape of a small cone, to prevent premature loss of the components. And be sure to pick up a pen, convenient for your hands, as this device will be placed.

Tip! Choosing a slingshot, you need to consider the thickness of the gum, the farther you want to throw the feed, the thicker must be the wiring.

  1. Slingshot to throw bait balls.Use to throw large portions of food. In this view, first and foremost, consider the form of the Cup. They come in the form of a cone and mesh baskets. The first are suitable for initial lure beads small form. Second effective for throwing balls of a larger size, in the basket they are well kept and not squashed. And also need to pay attention to the loose rubber bands to the handle.

Well, if in the Arsenal of the fisherman has several of these devices. This gives you the opportunity not to become a hostage situation, such as a change of usual place of fishing and, consequently, inability to throwing lures.

Manufacturer slingshot for feeding with their hands

Homemade slingshot – a good alternative to purchase. To make it easy, especially that the male possesses these skills from the time of adolescence. The only thing you need to consider that you will need more durable raw materials, as the weight of the bait balls big.

Arm can be habitually cut from the branches of the tree, a suitable thickness. The Foundation cleaned of bark, grind from fine twigs and dried well (if the branch is freshly cut, it is desirable to dry it for months). In the upper part of the bait will rogadinae cross cuts round shape in which a hard thread secured to the free ends of the bands. To the other ends fit a leather Cup. To this end, in tight leather flap made holes, they stretch and are secured with a thread harnesses.

For selection of raw materials, the fishermen include the free flight of fancy. As gum great medical tourniquet, it is quite durable and good stretches, but you can pick up the elastic band of the desired thickness at hardware stores.

As arm use everything that is unnecessary, for example, the handle from an old saw, bike, roller. For branching is also nice cushion rods, thick wire rods. Firmly secure the fork to the handle is possible with a mixture of epoxy. If the rod is covered with heat-shrink tubing, it would make a great handle.

Tip! The Cup can be made from the neck of the bottle, which is placed in the hole of the leather flap. Small side under neck provides additional rigidity and a comfortable grip for the fingers.

Fix the details not only strong thread, but duct tape, stranded electric wire. In General, use any materials at hand, which will prompt your engineering thought, more importantly, to achieve structural strength.

The use of fishing slingshots

Effective use of the slingshot need to adjust the optimal length of the bundles. To balls hit in one place, you need to pull the elastic band exerting the same force (provided, of course cooking balls identical in size and weight). So as to purchase slingshot rubber band always goes with the stock, it should be cut. Harness length should be such that when stretched it passed the limit of elasticity, reaching the border of the elastic stretching. After a few workouts all fishermen clearly feel that line.

When throwing the harnesses properly positioned in the vertical plane. So, there is:

  • the flight of the bait at an angle to the horizon:
  • the best sight;
  • increase speed and accuracy.

Use the slingshot on the basis of these points allows you to quickly lure the fish at the desired point. We will remind, bait balls need to sculpt the same size and weight, the harness is to pull hard enough to throw food at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the water surface to achieve better distance shots.

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