With Seine nets for sturgeon. Fishing with bottom gear

In many water bodies of Russia sturgeon are allowed to be fishing Amateur fishing methods. In some regions regulated, only the number of fish caught and its size. But it is not an easy fish and fly fishing requires a certain skill.

Often it is found in deeper streams, where a market, even with the load 120 and 150 grams to get it is not easy. For inevitably blows the tackle from the fairway. In such cases, it is reasonable to use the Seine net.

Kiddle (not to be confused with poaching gear “samolovama”, where sliding down the sturgeon mogritsa hooks without a nozzle) with a small number of hooks (usually up to ten) permitted by the rules of Amateur fishing almost everywhere. And since the setting of seines is happening with the boat, you can use the load, which current is moved or displaced slightly. So, obviously fishing spots can be obnovleny.

Features catching sturgeon on the Seine.

Caught by seines, as transverse and longitudinal. Transverse installation method involves the use of heavy main cargo and lighter additional shipments, the pressing carrying cord to the bottom. In the case of strong irregularities of the bottom topography leads Seine nets also shipped and Dlinnaya. This method of installation makes possible the multiple testing tackle for fishing without removing it from the water completely. But it is more time-consuming option, aimed at fishing on the Seine.

More elegant looks to the longitudinal use of Seine nets. It does not require a particularly heavy main cargo and shipment staging of the cord. Usually quite small, one and a half kilos, anchor upstream, and small end weight (200-300 gr.). The Seine lies along the bottom and long leashes here too, there is nothing that further simplifies the installation. In fact, it turns out podpack increased with the load at the end. And poduska on sturgeon has always been one of the most productive ways of fishing.

Repeated checks of the Seine-prodolniy also possible, but the anchors then it is better to get heavier. But since it is caught mostly at night, it is often put on once. And with a properly chosen location, the result is better than in a transverse installation. Fry, worm or other bait over has less impact (not motilal), which contributes to bolshemu to preserve the bait in an attractive condition. The cord always at the bottom, the cable itself can take more subtle. The cord does not create vibration, scaring the fish, and after the installation it is significantly faster approach to tackle.

When to catch sturgeon on the Seine.

As for “coverage”, “low work area” is not so important. Not the fish swims in a straight line that feed on leaves. More important to choose the right time of the installation, because late evening is the time fish fish very different. So there is a danger of scoring instead of the sterlet in the morning a handful of ruffs or kilogram-eyed SOPs, which is not correct. So you need to put in the late twilight, on the verge of visibility. That’s when usually more active and sturgeon and walleye, if that will help.

To make the most longitudinal Seine nets is not difficult. Even easier to buy. In recent times, there are decent options such seines. Installation involves floating downstream and practice, you can handle one, if the flow is not too fast and a little anchor hold. So long time not costly, but effective – so it is possible in General to characterize peremetnoe catch sterlet.

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