Fish soup

You will only hear this phrase and now, mouth watering and eyes dreamy fabric, and the hand twitched gather gear and jerk away from humanity into the bosom of nature, on the beach no matter what, lake, river, sea or ocean.

And no matter how many fish you catch, and release the fish, keep only a few fish, to nature, to the flaming fire on shore to cook the right pot of aromatic, nourishing and extremely real fisherman’s soup.

Than a good ear?

Think about it, what could be better and tastier this soup, because it is a kind of culmination, the apogee of hunting happiness of every fisherman. Many soup recipes are now stored in human memory.

There is the ear, named after the fish, which cooked: sterlet, burbot, Sudakovo, and even shark. There are recipes certain areas and places: monastic – rich novorybnaya, murmanski – almost no greenery, Kamchatka and Magadan ear ear with red fish, crab and caviar.

Chinna ear

Of course, we cannot forget about Chinna CCS royally, bishops and even found in hussar with the addition of champagne. But still, despite the abundance of recipes, it is not ordinary or everyday soup, because every time it is unique and unrepeatable as the very life of the fisherman, as matchless catches and in the evening after the fishing.

The fish is placed and removed to catch the same one taste of the broth, with scales and a shelled, whole and cut into pieces. And in addition to fish in the ear may be the, sometimes unexpected, came to hand products: saffron, dill, onions, whole and cut, fresh, and baked in the ashes, carrots, garlic and roots of celery to taste, add the young leaves of nettle and even Angelica.

How to fill your ear?

As already mentioned, in CCS not only put the products, but it happens more and pour liquid milk to soften the taste, playful champagne and then a glass of harsh vodka to add a sudden bitterness in a storm of flavors fisherman’s soup. And certainly cannot be ignored in this carnival of taste the spices. Parsley, dill and onion, fresh, dried, fried, and so abandoned, in various combinations and proportions. And that the ear can be without pepper? So fish soup.

As it is impossible to cook real fish soup from canned food, so it will not work if you do not add at least a pinch of pepper, well, not that it will and that’s it.

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