How to cook fried gobies

If anyone knows, goby is a saltwater fish. Many perceive this fish as an excellent “snack” with beer, someone who likes the ear of steers, while others bring fried gobies or canned goby in tomato sauce.

How to cook fried bullheads

For cooking fried gobies you need fish, salt, flour and vegetable oil.

Before roasting, the bulls need to gut it, i.e. remove the entrails. To do this, lift the fin, which is located on the abdomen of the bull at the base of the head and make a cross incision. Then along the direction of the middle of the incision towards the center of the belly make a longitudinal incision and remove the insides.

Please note! In bulls usually quite large and very tasty liver! Carefully, trying not to crush the gall will separate it from the innards and put in some kind of container. Fried liver of the bull is simply a delicacy!

Rinse well gutted but it had plenty of water to avoid getting sand on them from the innards, add salt regular table salt (table salt “extra” for this purpose do not use!). Let the fish with half an hour to stand up, so the salt has time to dissolve.

In a flat pot sprinkle a little flour. It is very convenient to use plastic trays of rectangular shape.

In a frying pan with a thick bottom will rascality 3-5 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Obvalivat bulls in flour on all sides and put in the pan method “head to tail”. Usually, depending on the size of the bull in the pan they fit in 6-7 pieces.

Fried bullheads tasty work if you do it on a fairly high heat, without covering with a lid. But experience shows that cap still, it’s better to use it, not closing it completely, to have a place for fog. It is at least a little bit, but it will protect your plate from the layer of spray vegetable oil.

As soon as you see that there is a crispy Golden crust – turn the bulls on the other side. Fry the second side – flip cigarette butts on the belly and fry them.

Once the bulls acquired a uniformly Golden color, remove them to a plate lined with kitchen paper towels to remove excess fat. Immediately bring your pet to the table! Fried calves need to eat hot.

To recipe how to cook bullheads were full, I want to give some advice from personal experience:

• For cooking tasty fried steers, scales with the bull should not be removed! In the process of roasting it melts and enhances its taste crisp.

• If there is absolutely no time to wait for the bulls salted, add salt to flour in which to roll the fish with salt “Extra” and mix. Licking your finger, try that out. Salt flour for frying calves should be felt sufficiently.

• Flip fried gobies conveniently, using two forks, although some Housewives manage to cope alone.

• Removing the party steers the roast from the pan, sprinkle them with very finely chopped garlic and a couple of minutes, close the lid. You will get amazingly spicy, moderately spicy dish. Just keep in mind that the smell of garlic not everyone likes.

• The liver is removed from calves, lightly add salt and right a bunch, roll in flour and a handful put in the pan. Flatten slightly and after a minute stir to calves liver fried with two sides. After another minute and a half liver grilled calves ready.

• If you have any fried fish cold and to eat no one wants, you can make them another delicious dish – fried bullheads in tomato gravy. To do this, saute the onion and carrots in vegetable oil, season them with a couple of spoons of tomato paste, add salt to taste, sugar and vinegar, a little water. Boil the resulting gravy. Now either put in a cold fried bullheads, or pour sauce into another container. Fried bullheads in tomato gravy needs to writing a rolling boil for about 10-15 minutes, but the special taste they acquire, filled with the taste of tomato gravy for hours. Similarly prepared canned roasted bullheads in tomato sauce, although it’s a whole different story.

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