How to organize a barbecue

Originally, the word “Barbecue” (or “Barbecue”) meant for a roasted whole carcass of a large animal – a bull, deer, deer, etc., which were killed on the hunt, and then cooked on the fire for the traditional evening feast.

Today, under the concept of a barbecue, people mean any grilled meat pieces which in a special way, marinated, and then cooked using any improvised device.

Barbecues can be arranged outdoors – in the country, suburban area, in the framework of a hike in the woods, on the water, on a picnic, etc. Meat fried on a lattice, on skewers, on the grill. While the meat itself may be of avian, bovine, pork, lamb. In some cases it is also customary to cook normal sausages or meat sausages.

Interestingly, according to users, outdoors barbecue always tastes better because it is impregnated with the fresh air mixed with wood smoke, and the guests themselves during these trips, “fatten” a good appetite and acquire elated. Such events can be conducted in the family circle, or to order skilled organizers, and to bring to the bosom of nature, the staff of the office, or even the whole company.

It is worth noting that the traditional barbecue is held by families (visiting friends, relatives, etc.). The cooking of meat is given only to the owner, whereas entertainment does the hostess. While waiting, guests can relax with a drink such as sweet water, mineral water, juices, fruit drinks, low alcohol drinks (beer, wine) and light snacks including raw vegetables, salted biscuits, nuts, chips.

In some cases barbecues can be a fish. In this case, the roaster cook (bake) any chosen fish – mackerel, pelengas, salmon, cod, etc. Sometimes, for these purposes, also choose and seafood. In this approach, prefabricated stuffed vegetables, overlaid with tomatoes and eggplant, sprinkled with lemon juice and wrap in foil.

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