Italian cuisine

If we consider any European cuisine, it is Italian we can say that it is the richest palette of culinary colors. This is not surprising, the location of Italy obliges to ensure that the local traditional dishes have become a kind of culinary masterpieces, while maintaining the ease of cooking.

Italian cuisine is so vast that to list at least half of the dishes that can rightly be called the pride of Italy, is very difficult. To taste dishes of the national cuisine in the Italian restaurant Bellagio. The Bellagio restaurant offers Italian dishes at home.

The South of Italy is famous not only for its wines, but also sauces, the individuality of which is achieved through a set of herbs that grow here. Favorite spices Italians are Basil, marjoram and oregano. They can not do without the famous pesto sauces and salsa, served to a huge variety of dishes such as pasta.

A number of varieties of cheese in Italy great set, but the favourite remains mozzarella and Gorgonzola with its noble blue mold. Every Italian province produces its own specific kind of cheese, the name of which is consonant with the place of manufacture Caciotta di Urbino, Grana Padana, Quartirolo Lombardo, Parmigiano Reggiano.

Imagine an Italian meal without wine is just as impossible as the French. In Northern Italy the grapes are grown, from which we make wine varieties Gewürztraminer, müller-Thurgau and Riesling. Tuscany – the birthplace of sparkling wines such as Asti Spumante and Barolo.

Among the wonders of Italian cooking, it is worth to highlight desserts and ice cream. A favorite dessert not only in Italy but all over the world was the tiramisu, made with airy sponge cookies with a layer of cream cheese. His first taster was the Duke Cosimo III De ‘ Medici, who called the new dessert “uplifting” – that is, tira mi su. Each pastry has its own secrets of cooking tiramisu that is stored in deep secret.

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