Recipe of salting of caviar of trout at home

Most lovers of fish delicacies would not just asking the same question – how to pickle eggs trout at home?!

It’s one thing to buy a ready-made product in the nearest supermarket, and quite another is to treat his friends with tea and sandwiches with caviar, prepared with their own hands. It remains only to find a suitable recipe and try yourself in the role of cook.

Recipe of salting of caviar of trout at home

For cooking in the home of trout caviar we will need (based on servings ~200 grams of caviar):

  • 1 teaspoon salt without slides;
  • 0.5 teaspoon of sugar.
Preparing for salting

If the eggs in the ovary, the first step is to release the films. Removing the film – the most critical and time consuming part of the whole process. There are several ways to do it. For example, put the caviar in a strainer and place it on thirty seconds into the hot, but not boiling, water. Its temperature should be about eighty degrees.

Then carefully remove the film and skip the eggs through a sieve. We should pay attention to the fact that the mesh was a bit larger than the eggs, or instead of loose grains will get a solid sticky mess.

There is another way, easier but not less fruitful. It will need gauze, rolled in something like a shirt sleeve. Inside this sleeve is placed the eggs, and then washed in water. Do not forget to rotate the sleeve, which helps to release eggs from the unnecessary film. In the end, after a while eggs will fully clean from the film, which will remain on the walls of the sleeve of gauze. There is an even easier way is to rinse the caviar with cold water several times until it more or less cleared. Then it is necessary to thoroughly drain all water and remove stubble with your hands or with a fork.

Step-by-step process of cooking the salty trout caviar

Now you can move on to the process of salting of caviar of trout.

In a clean and disinfected glass jar, put washed the eggs and add salt and sugar. The main thing is not to forget about proportions. The salt should be two times more than sugar. If you went a little overboard with the amount of salt, then you shouldn’t worry about this, as to overdo the calf, unlike fish.

Some people, conversely, prefer salted eggs salted. It’s a matter of taste of each person. Thoroughly but gently to avoid damaging the grains, mix. After some time will be allocated a small amount of water that must be drained.

Also on the surface may appear bubbles and foam. There is nothing to worry and no need to worry about the tainted product. This is a natural and normal reaction to salt and to sound the alarm on this issue is not necessary.

Then a jar of caviar, place in refrigerator or other cool place, where it needs to brew and colitisa at least four hours. After that, the eggs will be fully ready to drink. It can be spread on sandwiches and serve.

Useful tips how to pickle eggs trout at home

If you overdone the eggs and are not ready to accept this fact, the excess salt can be removed by welding from black tea or boiled water.

It is important to remember that unlike factory preservation, homemade trout caviar will not be stored too long even in the refrigerator.

For pickling, you can use not only fresh, but also frozen eggs. To do this, it must be properly defrosted by placing first on twelve hours in the refrigerator and then leave it to complete defrosting at room temperature.

Interesting! Do not forget about the useful properties of caviar from salmon. It apart from pure protein contains vitamins, acids and minerals. It is well absorbed by the body and is recommended to use for people of all ages.

To pickle the eggs in any case not in any iron vessel that will make the product an unpleasant metallic taste.

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