Recipe pancakes with red fish

The carnival soon, or has already passed… and no matter the pancakes with red fish on the table will always be held in high esteem.

The delicate flavor of the pancakes is perfectly complemented by the red fish weak Ambassador. Red fish can choose almost any.

~ Pancake canape with salted fish ~

For cooking pancakes with salmon on you will need the following ingredients:

  • flour – 1tbsp.
  • milk – 1tbsp.
  • boiling water – 1/2st.
  • chicken egg – 1 PC.
  • salt to taste
  • butter stretch. – 1st.l.
  • salted red fish – 250g.
  • cottage cheese – 250g.
  • tomatoes – 12pcs. (You can also use green olives)
  • salad – 1/4пучка .

Step-by-step recipe:
  1. Milk, egg, boiling water, butter and salt to mix. From the resulting dough to cook pancakes. (You get about 6-8 pieces).
  2. The first pancake spread with cottage cheese and put a few leaves of lettuce.
  3. Put another pancake, smeared cheese, and pieces of thinly sliced fish.
  4. Cover with another pancake spread cheese.
  5. Then another pancake, spread cheese and salad.
    And the last layer will be cheese and fish.
  6. To cover all the fucking cheese smeared on the lower side.
    Pancake cake cut in half.
  7. One half spread cheese and put on top the second half.
  8. Cut into strips and then into squares.
  9. Collect conapesca.

That’s such a lovely, and most importantly incredibly delicious canapés, from pancakes and salmon we got! Bon appetit my friends!

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