Roast goose

Need products 1 goose for frying (about 3 kg), salt, marjoram.

The goose is good wash, cut off the head, neck and wings and very good salt. In the abdominal cavity pour marjoram.

In a pan pour a little and put goose. Put in the oven. During roasting, the goose need to turn and spray water. Roast the goose until fully cooked i.e. until all sides become reddish and crispy.

Ready the goose get out of the oven and place on a wooden butcher cut in two, and then four. Cut the meat from the thighs and the mode of its slices. When serving, the meat is put on a wide flat plate on the bottom put the parts in which a lot of bones there, and on top of the meat of breast and thighs. Pour the meat’s own fat. Fried potatoes, stewed cabbage or lettuce with cucumbers served with meat.

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