Salmon with creamy chickpea filling

Considered an amazing food and a very valuable product, its taste is impossible to mess up while cooking, so cooks often joke that the novice housewife will have a good try to be spoiled a little dish made of such fish.

Another great plus salmon is that it is not only delicious, but also looks quite attractive on the table, especially if it served with peas, and it is recommended to prepare mashed potatoes or air the most delicate sauce.

By the way, experts in the field of dietetics suggests that a dish prepared from green peas sweet and tender fillet of salmon turns out delicious and is pretty useful and quite beautiful.

And nutritionists advise to consume salmon due to the fact that this product is composed of a lot of vitamins and a large number of useful elements. This delicious seafood and various dishes from it, are useful to maintain the normal condition of the heart and all organs of hematopoiesis. In addition, scientists have long noted that people who regularly consume salmon in any form, much less experiencing stress and have the most robust immune system

So, for the preparation of tender salmon in a creamy pea filling will need components such as:

– onions are very strong and juicy medium sized (three pieces);
– crushed black pepper and finely ground sea salt (in its sole discretion);
– cow cream with a medium grade grease (120 ml);
– salmon fillet (670 g);
– soft butter (25 g);
– olive oil of the best quality (one tablespoon);
– strong fish broth (130 ml);
green peas, fresh or frozen, you can also use the canned version (230 g).

Preparing the salmon fast enough, thus making such a delicious and delicate dishes to start cooking creamy pea filling.

So, for the preparation of such tender fill should first slice the onions peeled, and it is desirable that the pieces were very small.

Later in stanicek small amount to pour high quality olive oil as soon as it warms up thoroughly, add butter oil, pour it in bulb onions, crushed, to full transparency and softness on the fire for a medium level with regular stirring to cook this vegetable.

Once the onion is browned to the desired state, put to him the green peas, then both ingredients need to be mixed as thoroughly as possible, even for five minutes to continue cooking creamy pea sauce. Additionally to pour the fish stock and required quantity of cream to mix for seven minutes to continue cooking, if necessary, you can add a little sea salt and crushed pepper, sugar in small quantities. With an immersion blender, you need to the moment to blend ingredients until slivochno-pea mixture becomes completely homogeneous and perfectly smooth.

At its discretion with fish broth, you can also adjust the consistency according to your preference.

Once fully cooked creamy pea sauce, you can start to cook the salmon, but first the fish should be treated, and this means that you need to remove with a very sharp kitchen knife peel. As for the fish fillet, it must be cut into pieces small size. If the salmon has some bones, then they can be deleted using the conventional tweezers.

Pre-prepare the pan with non-stick coating, grease it with a cooking brush, then, at its discretion, you need a little salt a filet of salmon, season the fish with pepper, then a light blush from all sides to fry, then serve with pouring cream and pea.

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