The basic recipe is fish on the Board

The first thing that you will need, in addition to fish, one of which will be made an improvised frying pan. You should not take conifers, as the fish will taste of resin. Therefore, deciduous tree species, such as aspen or birch are ideal for this task.

Regarding the freshness of the wood: it is not necessary to intentionally cut the living forest. Often easy to find fresh wind-blown tree. Log length depends on length of fish and its quantity.

Then all that is required is to divide the log into two parts, one of which will play the role of pan. The fresh scent of the wood gives the fish an amazing flavour and smell. Because fish is prepared in an inclined state, please refer to the technology of attaching it to the Board. Here everything is very simple: mounted on improvised wooden nails.

The most appropriate form of nails – quarters. The rules here are a few: first, the longer the angle, the better will be the wood wedges. The optimal length is about five or seven centimeters. Second, to nail deeper, before driving, it is advisable to make a knife recess, to facilitate the process.

Finally, in solid rock you need to drive nails made of durable wood. For example: birch – tree solid rock, so her nails are also made of birch.

The fish from the skin and scales without peeling it. Enough to disembowel, to remove the head and turn the steaks. For each fish, use three wooden nails. Gently and slowly it should fix the fish on a wooden tray.

Classic dressing fish with this method of cooking: salt, pepper, rings of fresh onion. Sometimes placed on top of strips of bacon, so the fish came out very juicy. The preparation process in itself is very appetizing, especially in the fresh air. Giving the fish a little proselytise, you can send prepared. The angle of the boards is chosen depending on the heat of the fire, from 45 to 90 degrees.

A tree with this method of cooking fish acts as a conductor of heat and gets very hot. Therefore, to move the wooden pan very carefully. The finished fish can be eaten directly from the Board. When cooking in this way, the dish takes on a wonderful flavor. Fresh fish combined with the smoky and woody smell turns out great. Bon appetit!

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