The recipe is very tasty chops of Rotana

Fans in Rotana becoming more and more, and all because from a gastronomic point of view, this fish is very attractive. It is a pity that many do not know. Today we will prepare delicious cutlets recipe Rotana master chefs of camp cooking and fish cooking.

Cooking time 3 servings of chicken for ~ 15-20 minutes.

Prepare delicious burgers from Rotana for the recipe chef
And so, the list of necessary ingredients for making cutlets from Rotana:
  1. Rotan – 500 grams;
  2. Potatoes – 1-2 PCs;
  3. Onions – 1-2 PCs;
  4. Garlic – 1 clove;
  5. Butter – 25 grams;
  6. Pork fat (Or melted pork fat) – 100 grams (25);
  7. Egg – 2 PCs;
  8. Flour (to flour you can use bread crumbs);
  9. Herbs to taste;
  10. Spices to taste (black Pepper, allspice, salt, seasoning for fish or cutlets).
Step-by-step recipe for meatballs from Rotana
Stage I

In the first stage we need to prepare the stuffing which we blind patties:

  1. With brushed and potrasenoy the fish off the fillet. The little Romanchikov can use for this entirely (of course without head and viscera) of their soft bones easily ground in a meat grinder, however it is better to pass the fish through it twice!
  2. To peremel fish, add the butter and stir.
  3. Grind the fat (or added fat), potatoes, onions, squeezing the garlic press the garlic and mix everything thoroughly.
  4. Beat 1-2 eggs, add the spices and bread crumbs (or dried bread put through the grinder piece 1-2 tablespoons) and mix everything. Add the breadcrumbs to the formation of oborotnei consistency suitable for vylazhivanie the pan shaped pieces of minced meat -meatballs.

Phase II

In the second stage of cooking is produced by roasting is the final stage of transformation of beef into patties:

  1. On scovare add flavored sunflower/olive oil, or a small piece of butter and pour another not flavored sunflower/olive oil.
  2. On a heated pan put our burgers from Rotana, pre-roll them in flour, and fry a few minutes on each pan until tender.
  3. Here and ready our delicious burgers from Rotana for an interesting recipe.

So do not neglect to catch rotan, and find him a culinary application.

Store Rotana winter is better frozen in water in a plastic bucket, just putting it on the balcony. Rotan adapted to it by nature. It versa in the ice, he often spends the winter in shallow ponds, because he’s so tenacious. In the ice in the bucket it will remain very much alive until the spring.

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