Ukrainian borsch

This recipe of Ukrainian borsch is very simple, quick and very tasty!

The ingredients you need for cooking Ukrainian borsch.

Beans. You can buy a ready-made beans, such as red and white, and to boil her own way. Will definitely come in handy for cooking soup tomato paste and sour cream.

Beets, carrots and onions should fry together. And also will need potatoes, cabbage and meat. The meat could be with bone or without it, as you usually like to cook.

The first step is to boil the meat. For two hours you get a rich broth that you want to release from the meat and then drain. Next you need to cook the potatoes. Usually taken three or four potatoes of medium size and cut into small slices. After potatoes chopped a medium head of cabbage. Then the potatoes with the cabbage and throw in the broth and cook until tender. While Kale and potatoes cook – grate beets on the large float division. It is very important to grate the beets, and not to cut her. As did the carrots and immediately put it into the pan.

Next slice the onions finely and add to the carrots in the pan, pour oil and start to fry. After four to five minutes, add to the pan, pre-cooked grated beets. This mixture should fry for about seven minutes, and then add a jar of tomato paste (roughly seventy grams) and then again need to fry five to seven minutes. Very important detail is the sour cream that you pour into the pan (two hundred grams).

When the contents of the pan are ready, take the masher to mash the potatoes together with cabbage, but not to a puree, and small pieces. Then add zazharku in the pan, stir, add salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, toss the meat and cook for another thirty minutes. Two minutes until cooked add the beans and allow to stand for your soup!

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