What are the spices used for seasoning the fish

The same dish using different spices is quite unlike the fresh fellow-or the smell or the taste. Fish – baked, boiled, French fries, fried is no exception to the rule. No seasonings on it greatly cheapens the taste.

But spices should choose sensibly: do not quit all together, and pick only those that emphasize the advantages of meals.

Experimenting with adding spices to the fish, they take a little bit. Too much seasoning will likely immediately kill the taste than complement it. Something to add – the question is not: in stores there are ready fees seasonings.

Do not risk use them – take the spices that certainly will not spoil fish dish:

  • In the usual seasonings to the fish stand salt, ground black and red pepper. Fish can be baked on a salt pillow (but who have a culinary talent, not to spoil the fish carcass), can only slightly add some salt. Topical use of salt for fish river, having a sweet taste. Peppers add quite a bit to add sharpness to the dish.
  • One who loves the dishes, the thrill, the offered chilli flakes or other spicy counterparts: the flame growing on the windowsill, a RAM’s horn. Add this seasoning as small pieces, and pods: who else prefers.
  • Sea fish is delicious, if it when cooking misted with lemon juice. As an option – put them in the dish next to it the slices of this fruit or lime.
  • River fish can be cooked with parsley, and dill. The flavors perfectly complement each other, and making meals from the green wins.
  • What is even greens suited to the fish? Bulbous. Fish with green onions as cooked together and topped with crushed feathers, obtained above all praise. This also fits the shallot, garlic, leek.
  • Anise to the fish is added, but only as a therapeutic Supplement. And here is the rosemary of the drug in the fish dish becomes aromatic grass. His twig on a piece of cooked fish becomes the analogue of the cherries on the cake.
  • Cumin throw in a side dish of stewed vegetables, and not every fish: some red species change in contact with the spice color.
  • Ginger is served with fish, if prepared several of its varieties. Seasoning cleanses the palate after each.

Mixture of spices depend on the composition of how you are going to cook the fish. Fry it with the Bay leaf, pepper (red and black), saffron, thyme. Grilled with paprika and mustard seeds. Boiled with cloves and rosemary. You can find a wealth of seasonings of your options.

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