Canned fish at home

Canned fish in oil or tomato can now be found in any store, but will they be tasty and high-quality? It is better to cook them yourself, especially since the process is within the power of any beginner.

Almost everyone in the kitchen has canned food. However, not every housewife decides to harvest them on their own, believing that it is difficult. If you know the recipes and how to make tasty canned fish at home, then the process will not take much time. There are several cooking options: in oil, tomato sauce, marinade or your own juice.

Many housewives do not know how to roll banks, but in fact it is not difficult, albeit a responsible process. You must familiarize yourself with the rules in advance so that at the time of cooking there are no problems.

So, what you need to remember every mistress:

  1. Any fish is suitable for preservation: river, sea, small and large. Of the freshwater inhabitants, pike, bream, crucian carp and carps are most often chosen. It is desirable that the fish was fresh, without damaged skin.
  2. During cooking, you must clearly follow the recipe, use only fresh and high-quality products. In addition, the product is processed on a clean surface, otherwise the canned food may deteriorate during storage. Sterilization lasts about 6-8 hours, but you can reduce the time by repeating the procedure several times.
  3. Entire cans and new lids are suitable for rolling up. Loose closed containers may explode. Failure to comply with the technology or improper preservation will lead to swelling of the caps and the growth of bacteria. It is forbidden to eat such a product! Good canned fish has no unpleasant odor.

If the tightness was broken or there is no confidence in the correct sterilization of containers, it is better not to store canned food for a long time. They can be put in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks and eaten, but they should not be left for the winter.

Canned river fish in oil

The fish contains many useful elements, protein, fats. They remain after heat treatment, so canned food can replace fresh specimens in the winter. In the oil, the flesh is very tender, while the taste remains almost unchanged.

Grocery list

The main ingredient is, of course, fish. Any that is suitable is important, freshness is important. Canned food is a great idea for those who like fishing.

Ingredients for making a delicious snack:

  • fish – 2 kg;
  • citric acid – 4 g per 1 liter;
  • sunflower oil – 50-70 ml per can;
  • bay leaves, salt and spices to taste.

You can choose a mixture of peppers for fish or mix some of your favorite seasonings. Suitable cloves, peppercorns, nutmeg.

Step by step recipe

Cooking should begin by cutting and cleaning the fish. All the insides need to be removed, heads and tails cut, and if the carcasses are large – cut into portioned pieces. Small can only be gutted and put in a jar as a whole, like sprats.

How to cook:

  1. Dry the washed fish pieces with paper towels and grate with salt. Usually, about 30 g of salt is required per 1 kg of carcasses, but the amount can be increased or decreased as desired. Leave the fish for 1.5-2 hours, so that it salted.
  2. Bring sunflower oil to a boil and cool to 90 degrees. Next, prepare cans: wash, dry and sprinkle spices on the bottom. Tamp the fish in a jar so that a few centimeters remain to the edges of the container. Pour citric acid on top and cover with lids (do not roll up!).
  3. Pour water into a large pot and put in cans, cover. Water should not reach the edges of the cans, otherwise it will flow inside when boiling. Put on low heat and boil for one hour.
  4. In the process of cooking, juice is formed, which must be drained to add 50 ml of warmed vegetable oil. Once again, cover with lids and warm in a pan with water for another hour.

As many might have thought, it remains only to roll up the cans with lids using a special key, but no. Closed containers must be sterilized, otherwise the fish will not be able to be stored for a long time. Jars should be placed in a pot of water and boil for 7-9 hours. After turning off the fire, do not immediately take out the cans – they must cool in the water.

Canned river fish in tomato sauce

To taste, canned fish in tomato sauce resembles canned goods bought in a store. However, such a dish is not ashamed to be served as a snack, because you can not doubt the naturalness and freshness of the product.


The recipe is very different from the past, but the appetizer is no less tasty.

Products to be prepared:

  • small fish – 3 kg;
  • wheat flour – 100 g;
  • vegetable oil – 50 ml;
  • carrots – 2 pcs.;
  • onions – 2 pcs.;
  • tomato paste – 300 g;
  • water – 700 ml;
  • bay leaves, peppercorns and salt.

Tomato paste can be taken in stores or made independently. However, it should not contain any additional components (vegetables, spices), otherwise the taste of the finished snack will be unpredictable.

Step cooking

Wash the fish, clear of scales, remove the head and fins, then gut. Put the carcasses in a cup, pour 30-40 g of salt, mix and leave for 10-12 hours. After time, rinse the fish under water to wash off excess salt. Roll in flour and send to a pan with vegetable oil – fry on both sides until cooked.

Wash and peel the vegetables. Chop the onion in half rings, cut the carrot into cubes. Pour a little oil into the pan and fry the vegetables until golden brown. Add warm water to the tomato paste and mix thoroughly. In the prepared jars add spices (3-5 peas of allspice, bay leaf), put carrots with onions on the bottom, and fish on top. Pour all the tomato sauce over the neck of the jar, cover them with lids for a spin.

Put the cans in the pan, pour water so that it reaches the necks. Put on a slow fire and cook canned food for 8-10 hours. Water evaporates during the boil, so it needs to be added.

Gently take the hot jars out of the pan and roll them up. Put prepared canned goods in a dark place, covering with a warm blanket. After cooling, you can put them in a storage cabinet or a cellar.

Canned food in a slow cooker

A quick option for cooking canned fish, which you can immediately eat. The bowl of the multicooker has a small volume, it will not work to cook an appetizer on many cans right away.

What is required from the products

The ingredients are the same as for the classic recipe. For this option, you can even take large fish, since you still have to cut carcasses into large pieces.


  • river fish – not more than 1 kg;
  • water – 300 ml;
  • vinegar (30%) – 10 ml;
  • five bay leaves, salt, peppercorns.

Many housewives replace vinegar with lemon juice. With it, canned fish will be more tender and aromatic.

How to cook

In a slow cooker everything is prepared much easier. As usual, you need to start with the fish: wash, gut and peel. Cut the carcasses into pieces of 3-4 cm in size and put in the crock-pot. Next, add salt, pepper, bay leaves. Peel the onion, but it should be cut only into 2 halves, also sent to the slow cooker.

At the end, pour vegetable oil, vinegar and water, mix everything. The liquid should completely cover the fish. Close the lid, select the “Extinguishing” mode and leave it for 4-5 hours. Do not immediately get a snack – you need to leave for another 10-20 minutes, using the function “Heating”.

Calorie table
Dish Serving Size KBJU
Canned fish with butter 100 g Calories – 175 kcal, proteins – 30.5 g, fats – 11.4 g, carbohydrates – 2
Fish in tomato sauce 100 g Calories – 175 kcal, proteins – 30.5 g, fats – 11.4 g, carbohydrates – 2.4
Snack with vegetables in a slow cooker 100 g Calories – 63 kcal, proteins – 9.5 g, fats – 1 g, carbohydrates – 4

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