Duration of frying fish in a pan

Answer immediately the question “How long does it take to fry fish?” impossible. For each type and recipe, a certain temperature is required, respectively, time can increase or decrease. For example, small pieces, chopped in flour, will be ready in 4-5 minutes. To prepare a whole carcass, it will take at least 10 minutes over medium heat.

Turn the meat in a pan with oil carefully using a wooden or silicone spatula. You can easily burn yourself with a hot product or damage carcasses. Checking readiness is easy – just pierce the slice with a fork, break it in half and see the pulp. It should be light with a little fat, but no fluid inside.

Almost any river and sea fish can be easily cooked at home. It is important not only to properly carcass or pickle them, but also to know how much to fry fish in a pan. Literally a few minutes are enough for some instances, while for others it will take a lot more time.

Small secrets will help not only to cook carcasses deliciously, but also to maintain health. When frying, it is important to observe safety rules, because the process takes place near hot oil. Ice fish cannot be used, it should completely thaw and lie down at room temperature for 1-2 hours. Frozen specimens are removed from the freezer and transferred to the refrigerator a day before cooking.

In addition, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Many housewives say that you need to fry fish in vegetable and butter (1: 1 ratio). So the dish will turn out more delicious and will have a ruddy skin.
  2. It is recommended to fry the fish in batter in a pan before serving, so that the dough does not become wet. Sometimes the fillets are dipped in a mixture of eggs, flour and milk, and then roll in breadcrumbs.
  3. Before sending the slices to oil, you should dry them with paper towels. A large amount of water on the surface of the carcasses can cause a fire, in addition, the frying will last longer. It will take more time to evaporate the excess liquid, and the steam will not allow to reach a crisp.
  4. Fry the fish in a pan in oil should be without a lid. Under it, moisture will accumulate, which will interfere with the uniform roasting of meat. To avoid splashing grease throughout the kitchen, experienced chefs recommend covering the pan with a colander.

Duration of cooking different fish

Most often, at home or outdoors, they cook river fish, because it is more accessible. It is required not just to fry the carcasses deliciously, but to make it so that no germs remain. Parasites are able to settle in the human body and cause serious disorders in vital systems. In time, you need to fry the river fish for at least 10 minutes on each side, if the pieces are large (or the whole carcass is cooked immediately). Small slices fry for about 5-6 minutes. Another option is to fry crucians (or any other kind) over high heat until golden brown, then close the lid and let simmer over medium heat. In this case, there will be no crispy skin, but all microorganisms will die.

Frying red fish is no more difficult than river fish. It cooks a little faster freshwater, so the main thing is not to overexpose and not to dry the meat. The whole carcass will be ready in fifteen minutes, but it is better to cut into small pieces. They are kept in a well-heated frying pan with oil for 4-5 minutes. How much to fry salmon or salmon steak? A large piece of pink salmon is fried for about 10 minutes on each side, salmon is cooked no more than 3-4 minutes before the formation of a rosy.

Hake fish is distinguished by tenderness and pleasant taste, however, you must first marinate it. For this, different recipes are used, the simplest is lemon juice, pepper, salt and spices. The carcasses are sprinkled with plenty of juice, rubbed with black pepper and left for half an hour at room temperature. Then you should roll in breadcrumbs and fry hake fish with a sufficient amount of vegetable oil. It will take about 6-7 minutes on one side and the same amount on the other. In batter, the hake in the pan cooks a little longer – about 10 minutes on an open surface, and then another 3-4 under the lid.

Pollock is made with flour, various sauces, breadcrumbs or batter. Large steaks are kept in hot oil for up to 10 minutes, until they become soft. Small pieces are fried for 5 minutes, and the whole fish is kept up to fifteen. In the latter case, it is recommended to cover the pan with a lid, otherwise the carcass simply does not have time to cook. At the beginning, you need to turn on the medium fire, then gradually increase it.

When cooking any fish, whether it is river or sea, it is advisable to choose a strong fire. However, the oil should not boil in the pan or spray in different directions. On too slow gas, the pieces will not be fried, but cooked, so you can immediately forget about the delicious crust. On a very large fire, the carcass will burn or stick to the surface.

How long does it take to fry fish? On average, cooking small slices takes up to 5 minutes, large steaks keep on fire for about 10, and whole carcasses – 13-15 minutes. Red fish in a pan is cooked even less time. Experienced chefs advise making deep cuts on the skin of riverine specimens every 1.5 cm. This method will help to quickly fry the meat, as well as make the bones almost invisible.

Cooking time


  • skinless steak is prepared for 15
  • 7 minutes each
  • from all sides for 20 minutes


  • pieces are cooked for 3-4 minutes over high heat
  • 12 minutes each


  • the whole carcass is cooked for 7-8 minutes, small fish for 5 minutes


  • 15 minutes on medium heat


  • depending on the thickness of the piece from 2 to 5 minutes

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