How to pickle bream

Cooking bream at home for drying or smoking requires the presence of fresh fish, salt, deep capacity and pressure. Salting is made by different technologies, it is worth knowing about this before cooking.

Salting fish is an important stage before drying or drying, so you can not skip it. Before salting bream, you need to know a lot of nuances.

For example, what methods exist, how to prepare a fish and how big it should be, as well as how long the process lasts. For the preparation does not need special equipment or any additional products.

Salting carcasses for curing

First you need to select the fish and prepare it, as freshly caught carcasses will not work. They should rest in a cool place for several hours. Next bream necessarily wash, remove the gills and fins. Gutting should be fish, whose size is more than 30 cm. Individuals without internal organs dry out faster and will be stored longer, but if they have eggs, it is better not to gut.

How to pickle bream for drying correctly? Often, small fish are taken for drying, for this reason it is more important to use the dry method. For him, take a deep tank, pour salt to the bottom in 1-2 cm, and on top lay bream in rows. Each layer must be sprinkled with salt, the last cover completely.

A cover (or board) is placed on top of the fish, the load is set and left in a cool place for about 7 days. From time to time, check readiness: if the backs of the carcasses are hard, then salting is finished. At the end of the term, they are soaked and then hung to dry.

Many may have the question “How to pickle a large bream at home?”, Since a large fish cannot be cooked in this way. It is better to cut the carcass weighing 1 kg into small pieces 6-8 cm thick. It is recommended to salt them with a wet method: dissolve so much salt in a bucket of clean water so that the egg does not sink.

In the resulting solution dipped pieces of fish, hanging on a thick thread. Another way is to pump the brine into the belly through a syringe. Filling with a wet method lasts 7 days, when using a syringe, the period is reduced to 4 days. After that, be sure to rinse under water for 1 hour and wither bream.

Salting fish for smoking

Salting begins with the selection and preparation of carcasses: leave individuals of the same size for hot smoking, so that the cooking time is the same. Then gut the fish (if required by size), remove the gills, fins and thoroughly washed. To make the cooking better, it is recommended to make small cuts on the backs.

So, how to pickle bream for smoking:

  1. Soaking in concentrated solution. Prepare it at the rate of 80 g of salt per 1 liter of water. The method is the simplest, since the fish is simply dipped into it and left for 6-10 hours.
  2. Grate the carcass with salt. 10 kg of product take 1.5 kg of salt. Each fish should be carefully rubbed on all sides (including inside) and folded in tare in rows. Next, cover and set the load on top. Salt fish in this way will be up to 16 hours.

In both cases, the fish after salting should be soaked in running water for 30-50 minutes, and then dried a little. Large sized bream is cut into small pieces or dried with spreaders in the belly. After the salting of bream has passed, you can begin to smoke fish.

The process of curing and smoking

After the salting of bream at home for drying, you can proceed to the next stage. In rare cases, fish is consumed almost immediately, but it is strongly recommended to cook it in the right way. To begin with, carcasses are soaked in cold water for as long as they were in salt. However, 10-15 hours is enough, and the water needs to be changed several times. When using the wet method, 1 hour of washing with running water is sufficient.

After soaking it is necessary to spread the breams on a flat surface and wait 40-60 minutes for excess moisture together and excess salt to come out. It remains only to hang the fishes in a warm ventilated place (for example, above a gas stove) or put it in a special device.

When drying on the balcony, it is recommended to use gauze so that insects do not sit on bream. The product will be ready in 7-10 days, in rare cases it may take longer.

For hot smoking use smokehouse, chips and sawdust, which are pre- soaked in water. Prepared carcasses are laid on a greased grill (it is better to arrange them so that the backs are down – then you do not have to turn them over), and chips and sawdust are poured at the bottom. The next step is to install a pan for draining fat, close the installation and kindle a fire. Smoke bream should be up until they become a nice golden color.

Cooking caviar

Salt caviar can be with the fish, and so dried or dried carcass will be much tastier. However, if the size of the bream is large, then it is better to extract the eggs and cook them separately. Before salting the eggs of bream at home, you need to choose the method: simple (salting in bags) or more difficult (removing eggs from the film).

In the first case, you only need to remove the bags of caviar from the belly and wash them under running water. Next, pour a little salt into the container, lay the product in rows and sprinkle with salt, sometimes add pepper or other spices. Leave the dish to cook in a cool place for 24 hours, and then washed and served. In the second method, you should remove the natural film, which is covered with caviar.

For this, the bags are scrolled through a meat grinder, rubbed through a sieve or a colander, it is also allowed to remove the casing with a fork or knife. After it is necessary to wash the eggs, and give excess liquid to drain. When the product is crumbly and bright shade, you can begin to pickle. It is enough to sprinkle caviar with a small amount of salt, mix and leave for a day, but sometimes the dish is ready in a few hours.

At home, it is possible to wither a bream, dry it or smoke it. The dish turns out delicious, besides it is stored for a long time. Be sure to know how to properly pickle bream for this, so that the fish would be of good quality.Proper preparation allows you to save all the useful properties for a long time.

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