Hunter meat grinder models

Hunting or fishing will give you more positive emotions, because you will know that you will find an indispensable assistant at home – a meat grinder that will facilitate your work and save time.

With this kitchen equipment, cooking will be easy and always successful, and your culinary delights will surprise guests with the freshness and naturalness of taste.

Also, in some models the reverse function is set, it is provided for the processing of solid particles and veins if they are stuck in the mechanism. Strict body lines are made of stainless steel, this emphasizes the stylish design of the device and facilitates the washing process.

Important! Pay attention to the correct assembly of the meat grinder. If the assembly is not carried out correctly, the meat grinder mechanism may fail.

There are many recipes on how to soften game meat properly or rid it of the specific smell of wild meat. But, as practice shows, such methods do not always work, since it is necessary to follow all the rules of technological processing, and this is a rather boring and long procedure. But there is a solution to this problem – the purchase of a meat grinder.

Just make sure that you are buying a reliable device, for this, pay attention to:

  • metal case;
  • powerful engine;
  • sharp sickle-shaped knives;
  • the presence of a reverse (especially important for hard and sinewy meat);
  • acceptable indicator of noise during operation under load;
  • the presence of protection against overheating.

It will not be superfluous if you take an interest in the material for making gears and other details. According to the research, we can clearly say that the meat processing equipment should be made of a durable metal alloy, preferably stainless steel.

Important! Plastic parts are an indicator of a short-lived meat grinder. Whether you should spend your honestly earned money on such a “copy” is up to you.

For any enthusiastic person, whether it is a fisherman, hunter or mushroom picker, it is very important to keep their prey fresh. For these purposes, the Wollmer brand with the M905 and M901 brands is suitable.Such a device can easily cope:

  1. with the sinewy meat of a wild boar or any other wild animal;
  2. with small bones in a fish fillet;
  3. with a large volume of mushroom or plant mass.

For a note! Maintaining the original flavor of your game depends on the metal the product comes into contact with during grinding. If the material is of poor quality, oxidation and color and odor changes will occur in the product. In the meat grinders mentioned above, the main parts are made of stainless steel. In this case, special attention is paid to the manufacture of the knife, it is made manually from forged steel.

Advice! Instead of unsuitable sodium glutamate store broths, add mushroom powder to soups and main dishes. It is easy to cook – dry the collected mushrooms and scroll them in a meat grinder. Store in a glass jar with a tight lid. One tablespoon in a soup pot – and this is not just borsch or hodgepodge, but a work of art!

Key Features

Model Wollmer M905 contains a full arsenal of nozzles and features:

Vegetable slicer . A versatile apparatus for fruits and vegetables will allow you to prepare juicy vegetable or fruit puree, thinly chop any hard vegetables (potatoes, carrots, zucchini) or quickly prepare a salad.

Machine for making sausages and kebbe. Nozzles for sausages and kebbe are simply irreplaceable for the hunter. After all, usually you have to process a lot of meat, but how good it is to make home-made sausages instead of standard minced meat! By the way, sausages do not have to be cooked or frozen. Surely there are Russian villages nearby, you can find smokehouse services there, it’s inexpensive and very tasty, and several carcasses of ducks or hares can be completely smoked.

The quality of the parts and the coordinated work of the entire mechanism cannot but rejoice . The gearbox is equipped with metal gears, two speeds are provided (for meat and vegetables). And protection against overheating will protect your work. The Wollmer M905 model processes up to 4 kilograms of raw materials in one minute, it is a very powerful machine.

Model Wollmer M903 is presented in a simplified configuration . But this does not affect the quality of the parts. The meat grinder kit includes three disks for minced meat, nozzles for sausage and kebbe. Overheating protection is also provided. Crescent knife, made of stainless steel by hand forging. In one minute of operation, the meat grinder will process 2.5 kg of meat.
Important! The removable parts of the device should be thoroughly washed, and small fragments should be stored in a dry and ventilated place (without using hermetic packaging).
A forest full of fragrant mushrooms and delicious berries will delight you even more if among your winter preparations there will be treats prepared in a meat grinder for hunter Brenda Wollmer.

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