Methods of cooking goose in the oven whole

Golden goose is Golden and crisp – one of us will not be spoiled the mere sight of this appetizing? Stuffed with apples and cabbage, mushrooms or lentils, goose in Russia were considered a traditional decoration for the holiday table and symbolized prosperity and family integrity.

Menu of Orthodox Christians roasted bird with vegetables – a favorite Christmas treat. Often at banquets it was served for dinner along with a hodgepodge.

The use of goose meat is obvious – it is rich in vitamins and minerals, contain a lot of iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium. Thanks to its unique composition and light absorption of goose it is recommended to include in the diet of patients to recuperate and strengthen the immune system.

To roast a whole goose in the oven, keep the best taste – is an art, both difficult and pleasant culinary challenge. However, each recipe has its little secrets of cooking and roasted goose in this case is no exception. Share valuable tips.

The first stage: processing of the carcass

For those who prefer to do everything with your hands, I advise to see how to pluck a slaughtered bird prior to cooking. To start it, be sure to bleed and only then start the procedure.

To pluck the bird:

  • in the dry way;
  • method of scalding.

The first option is good in that case, if the owners are going to store meat for some time in the fridge. After the second, it is desirable to use the carcass right away. Undoubtedly, to get rid of the feathers scalded goose much easier, but here’s the meat then it gets red, so pick and choose what is best for you.

Removing the remnants of feathers and hairs with tweezers, or just tan them, proceed to the butchering of the carcass.

Since you plan to use the whole bird, you must cut off all superfluous:

  • legs at the joint;
  • wings to the elbow;
  • the head on the second vertebra of the neck;
  • sebaceous glands, Wens near the neck and in the abdominal incision;
  • remove trachea, esophagus, cackling up and giblets.

After processing, the carcass is washed and soaked in warm water with the addition of the marinade for a few hours to soften the meat, was juicy, tender and uniformly salty. Marinade you can make yourself out of all sorts of spices, salt and sugar, white wine, vinegar or lemon. For reference – for every kg bird takes 1H.l. of coarse salt.

Alternatively, is there another way to marinate the goose:

  • pierce skin with a skewer in several places, not touching the meat;
  • RUB all sides with mixture of salt, pepper, berries, cranberries, ground Provencal herbs;
  • leave to soak for a night, a day or even two in the refrigerator.

Dried up during this time, the crust will be crispy and Golden when baked, and the meat has reached the desired softness!

Second step: stuff the carcass

Bake goose as a whole – it’s like that bake a cake. And every good implies the original delicious pie filling.

It is easy to prepare from the most common products, for example:

  • apples, pears, quinces;
  • vegetables – potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic;
  • prunes and other dried fruits;
  • buckwheat porridge with mushrooms;
  • pate of veal liver, white bread and onions.

Don’t forget your favorite spices, and then drizzle the stuffing with vegetable butter. In the recipes below contain more specific methods of preparing the toppings and ingredients for her.

Stuffed goose is better just before bake in the oven, and be sure to sew thick strong thread using large stitches, securing the seam with wooden skewers to make all this yummy not falling out in the process. In addition, filling the cavity of the carcass, not really get carried away – a maximum of two-thirds, because the filling needs, first, to soak up the juice of birds, and second, can increase in volume.

Third step: how to roast a goose

Now most importantly – how to cook goose in the oven. In the pan, which will bake in the carcass, it is necessary to pour a little water to the dripping fat does not burn.

Pickled, nafarshirovannye bird is best to bake in as the oven pre-heated for 10-20 minutes, then you need to switch to medium mode baking (180 degrees) and cook until ready. Depending on the size and age of the goose, the cooking time can take from a half to three hours.

In ovens with a convection airflow is more uniform and faster baking, respectively, and the duration of roasting is shortened. Willingness baked meals, you can determine pierced the leg of a goose – liberated juice well baked meat should be transparent, without impurities of the blood.

Christmas goose

Cooking that goose opens space for culinary creativity. There are many recipes on this subject, but we suggest to try the traditional version – a classic, oven baked with apples. This simple method has proven itself over many centuries as the most optimal and suitable for normal thawed or soaked in a mineral, acidulated lemon water birds.


  • carcass – 4-5 kg
  • apples – 2 kg
  • quince – 1 piece
  • carrots – 2 PCs
  • stalk leek – 2 PCs
  • parsley root – 1 PC
  • celery root – 1 PC
  • onion – 1-2pcs
  • rock – salt- 4 tsp
  • black pepper powder – 2 -3 tsp
  • carnation – 5pcs
  • allspice – 5 peas
  • Bay leaf – 3 PCs
  • a strong sweet wine – 150 ml

Clean the quinces from fluffy deposits and wash thoroughly, cut into 8-10 slices and remove the bones. The same is done with apples, take a few pieces and divide each fruit into 4 pieces.

For garnish sliced peeled carrots, parsley root and celery into large slices, shred the onion and leeks.

Prepare the marinade – pour into a pan 750 ml of water, add wine, peas of fragrant pepper, Bay leaf and cloves.

Processed carcass RUB on all sides prepared with spices: salt, black ground pepper. Stuff the belly with stuffing: apples, quince and fasten the edges of the skin with wooden skewers, or just sew a thick thread.

Put the goose belly up on the prepared baking tray with the marinade and lay there cooked garnish with remaining toppings. In a preheated 180-200 degree Celsius the oven sent the resulting work, and every half hour pour resulting juice it, turn it over and Topcem until fully cooked.

Half an hour later laid near goose remaining apples, pre-clearing them, preferably completely and without seeds, again sent to bake. After about 15 minutes you can pour goose and apples in remaining liquid, if necessary, adding water to the pan.

After half an hour Christmas goose with apples ready, just need to put it on a dish, decorate with garnish and serve on a festive table together with existing pickles.

Roast goose with prunes


  • carcass of a goose – 3-4 kg
  • rock – salt- 3 tsp
  • ground black pepper – 1 tsp
  • prunes – 300 g
  • brandy – 100 ml

For the filling, soak washed prunes in a small amount of brandy.

Washed and drained the poultry RUB inside and out with salt and pepper, pre-punctures the skin in the breast region, abdomen and thighs. Dump swollen juicy prunes, then sew the thread place the abdominal incision. Bake such a goose rather in a special bag or sleeve, with one corner need to be trimmed so that the resulting during cooking steam may have free access to the exit.

Bake according to the following recipe:

  • preheat the oven to 250 degrees Celsius;
  • put in a pan stuffed with a goose in his sleeve;
  • after 20 minutes reduce the heat to 180 degrees.

Two hours later, the goose test: if released during the puncture the juice is clear and inspires confidence, you can put the finished dish on the table, having the taste of greens or a garnish.

Baked goose with potatoes and apples


  • the carcass of a young goose – 1pc
  • apples – 3pcs
  • potatoes – 1kg
  • onion – 1pc
  • milk – 0.5 cups
  • bun – 1pcs
  • parsley – 1пучок
  • giblets – 300g
  • rock – salt- to taste
  • ground black pepper – to taste

For the filling fry chopped green onions, melt the chunks of goose fat in the pan. Peeled and sliced apples saute along with the onion zazharkoy. A loaf of bread soaked in milk, crumble and add with the chopped giblets of a goose. Season with salt and pepper.

Processed in the marinade the goose stuffed with the stuffing, then fix the thread abdomen and neck and spread on a baking sheet. Bake according to the above system: in a preheated oven limit with decreasing temperature.

Do not forget to pour the poultry dripping oily juice, and finally lay beside her garnish: peeled and sliced a few potatoes four times. Again put in the oven and bake until tender.

These recipes are certainly not the only – there are options of cooking with different ways of marinating the goose, with exotic fruits and even nuts.

Successful culinary experiments!

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