Stuffed pike

Pike to clean (the abdomen is not cut), fins aren’t cut out to separate the head, remove the gills.

In a circle to make cuts, separating the skin from the meat.

Carefully, slowly remove the skin. The skin is separated quite easily.

At the base of the tail to cut off the bone.
From fish to remove the entrails.

Meat separated from the bones (it’ll separate very easily).

Soak bread in milk.

Using a meat grinder, mince the meat (the meat you can skip 2-3 times), bread, onions (you can all grind in a blender).


Greens finely crumble.
Mix the meat, onion, bread, rice, greens. Season with salt and pepper.
Add the egg.

Mix well.

The resulting mass of stuff the skin (much tight stuff is not necessary, otherwise the skin may burst).

Put on a foil (the foil can be a little grease with vegetable oil) to make the head.
To grease with mayonnaise.

Foil wrap.

Put in the oven.
Bake at 180 degrees for one hour.
Cool completely, and then the foil to expand.
Serve cold pike.

Decorate to taste.

Here is a mesh of mayonnaise and cranberry.
From Luca corona. To do this, cut the onion into 2 parts, take out the right size portion, with a pair of scissors to make a zigzag edge.

Fish in the cut.


* pike (or perch) weighing about 700 g
* 100 grams of bread
* 200 ml of milk
* 1 egg
* 150 g onions
* 1-2 tbsp boiled rice (optional)
* herbs to taste
* mayonnaise
* salt
* pepper

Bon appetit!

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