You Need To Catch One Catfish Using ANY Thanksgiving Leftover

This got me thinking – Which Thanksgiving staple would catch the most catfish? Full Disclosure – I have not actually fished with many of these ingredients and this list was just meant to be fun.

According to a survey conducted in 2018 – 77 percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Other popular holiday dishes include – potatoes, rolls, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. All pretty standard dishes that most of us are used to seeing each November.

Mashed potatoes and gravy is hand downs down my favorite Thanksgiving dish but what about a fish, What do you think they’d prefer?

Thanksgiving Turkey

The staple of almost every Thanksgiving. The turkey had to be on the list. I’m pretty sure any catfish would appreciate the taste of an old butterball. The smell and oily nature from leftover turkey would leave me feeling fairly confident in my chances at a catfish.

Pro Tip: Use white meat in clear water and switch to darker meat in stained water.

Bait Breakdown – Turkey
Hooking Ability: 6.4
Appearance: 7.2
Smell: 5.6

Corn Casserole

Corn is a mainstay at many Thanksgiving feasts – Corn on the cob, corn casserole, creamed corn, cornbread. I’m pretty sure every one of these versions would catch you fish. Bluegill and Carp both hammer corn but this stuff also catches catfish. Especially smaller bullhead and channel cats who might not be interested in the bigger baits. Grab Grandmas casserole and get fishing.

Bait Breakdown – Corn Casserole
Hooking Ability: 7.8
Appearance: 6.4
Smell: 3.6

Thanksgiving Stuffing

Stuffing usually consists of bread, onion, butter and other yummy spices. Stuffing cubes are like little sponges filled with Thanksgiving delight. Good hooking ability and its special stank are two reasons stuffing made my list. Bonus points if the cook in your family uses garlic.

Bait Breakdown -Stuffing
Hooking Ability: 7.3
Appearance: 4.8
Smell: 7.8

That’s our list! If you have an off day coming up and the fridge is still loaded with Thanksgiving leftovers – try some catfishing!

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