Bear hunting

My father was a long time traveled to Khabarovsk to the gold mines to earn money, it was in the Soviet period 1980-1990 the city since they lived there for six months or more had their farms. Raised pigs, and fed them with oats, which were planted nearby in the field.

Today I want to tell you the story of how my father and some friends went to the bear.

As the father had passed the field and saw vytopnaya grass and lots of it. Said the chief of the mines, that, in turn, the hunters – the bear eats the oats, then rides on it. Decided to make him wait. ‘ve got the guns, boards and rope. Come to the high and strong tree. And steel on a tree 5-6 meters in height to construct an ambush. Pulled the rope, a few boards and sat down to wait. One man stuck an axe into a tree.

Waiting for an hour, waiting for the other – so the night comes. Everyone started to doze off, and one began to snore. At this time in the field a bear came in and heard a strange sound and went to look. Approached the tree and stood up on his hind legs to better look at everything.

At this point, wakes up one hunter sees the bear, grabs an axe and wants to run to him, but falls over the rope and all the hunters fall to the bear. Everyone ran in different directions, leaving everything behind. Bear is no exception. In the morning it was decided to go to collect the guns and all that is left. Came to the place. All lying all over the place. And among all of the big cake, in 5 metres more, even after 5. I wanted to see why it is like that. Gone 100 meters is a dead bear. The autopsy revealed a rupture of the heart (from fright).

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