Championship hunt with a gun dog

We meet in two weeks! The number enrolled in the pairs competition increases daily. Many hunters, calling the club “Safari” for the record, and ask about the cost of participation in the Championship. We gave explanations on this issue, but I want to repeat them.

This year the cost of participation in the Championship is not different from last year.

But for those who register early, ie prior to July 12, will declare their intention to speak, she is 3000 rubles.

This is slightly less than the cost of 5 birds (2 pheasant and quail 3) prepared in the farm for each pair of a hunter dog.

As you may recall, all other costs incurred by the host Club “Safari” and sponsors of the competition.

For those who for some reason cannot be written, but will come to Tunes and willing to act, the participation fee will be 3500 rubles. And agree, this will be true.

Outside of the Championship and the day before it starts will take place on field trials of pointing dogs, the cost of which is 1200 rubles. About their intentions to participate in trials, it is also advisable to inform us in advance.

Trials will be held at the wild bird – in meadows where there would be no Championship runs.

We must all understand that gamekeeper of the hunting farm and judges should plan the volume of work. And the work they will is very big!

Call or write to the club “Safari” (+7-495-123-5375), sign up for Championship and trials come to Tunes… And win!

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