Correct hunting pheasant

Hunting pheasant is a very exciting experience for the hunter. Every man in the blood for a long time to track down a long-awaited trophy. The common man will not understand those feelings associated with the moment when the game is on the fly.

Hunting for pheasants is considered to be a delicate exercise, since the main time the bird spends in the Bush and in the same nests.

The pheasant feeds on the berries of dog rose, hawthorn, acacia seeds, wild grapes. Often found on fields of corn and sunflowers.

A heavy bird is not capable of great flights, but she runs fast. In this regard, lives not far from breeding areas.

In the autumn pheasant gaining the most weight before the winter, and many hunters believe that it is time for fishing. There are several types of hunting this bird is solitary and collective. The latter makes it more likely to get the Royal trophy. Facilitates a specially trained hunting dog that flushes the bird and provides a chance to shoot the prey. When choosing assistance, you must give preference to the cops. They are more hardy and undemanding to prickly plants. Sometimes the bird can be seen sitting on a tree. To shoot such a production is not considered a sport among hunters. It is set on her or the dog to try to to freak her out.

Pheasants are very lazy birds and often take the tactic to run away. To catch such a bird will help wire-haired dog. Pheasant hide in the thickets and thorny bushes, which will give us the hunter alone to handle him.

Effective is a method of hunting at twilight, as pheasants roost on the ground or on low branches. In a slumber as easily shoot a bird. But for a successful hunt, a similar method should be invisible, is very useful for this military clothing, military form, which can be purchased in any store.

A type of hunting can also be called ambush method. But it requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The advantage of the method of the corral is the number of hunters. Some drive the game into the open, while others make long-awaited shots. Do not forget that the pheasant has a very good hearing. Hiding just a few meters from hunter, he could wait out the danger. But most fright takes off. Here you need to be alert.

In winter, the forage becomes less and pheasant in search of the vigilant. This time of year can be pre-lure specially selected or prepared area with any grains or corn. To calculate winter bird easier on the trail in the snow. She, like the hare, love to adaptivity trails. They can easily bring a hunter to the place of feeding or roosting pheasant. In the moments when there is no snow, and the discovery of traces is difficult, experienced hunters use dogs. For the hunting smooth-haired animals are better suited as they better make their way through the thickets. A good scent greatly increases the chances of success. This hunt is almost one hundred percent will be successful. Not the superfluous will take with a decoy.

Advice to hunter:

  • to start the hunt should be about 10 o’clock in the morning, as the bird at dawn, sitting on the tree and dry the feathers after a morning dew;
  • for shooting it is best not to use very large fractions, and bullets with low accuracy;
  • as a shelter you should choose wetlands or ditches;
  • is to hunt on windy days, as the bird has excellent hearing.

Undoubtedly, hunting for a Royal bird – a long and hilarious lesson. Hiking long distances, heavy ammunition and long standing in wait, able to bore even the most avid hunter. But gained the trophy will refund all of the severity of the traversed path and become a proud earner. A freshly cooked dish will be the highlight of any table.

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