Four deer

By nature a hunter like every person – an optimist. So he doesn’t like to think about failure, much less talk about them.

So, in the memory gradually blurred, and then completely disappear fruitless wanderings through forests and swamps, countless hours in the boat, when the rod motionless and bent over the water, and the floats stand as monuments, and much, much more.

But good luck, happy days and watch the hunter firmly remembers and loves again and again to sort in memory. But failures happen so dramatically that it is impossible to forget about them and keep quiet difficult. So I want to tell the story of four deer.

In one of the last March 1925, work Yuri Tuna who went on business to Dzun-modo, said that there arrived the Soviet Ambassador A. N. Vasiliev and intends the next day to arrive to them. In the evening it began to snow, accompanied by strong wind. Fearing that the car will not be able to get to our camp at peremeshennoi the road, I decided the next day to go to Dzun-modo to see the Ambassador. Come with me and Andrew.

Okopnaja road connecting the mine and the plant Suzuka in Dzun-modo, winds along the slope near the ridges. From Suzuka it crosses Balgo, of Bal-JI – in Bain-Gol, from Bain-Gol, in Taverns, one of the southern origins of the Dzun-modo, and the slope of this spacious PADI gradually descends into the valley of the Dzun-modo straight to the village.

Throughout this devyatikilometrovy path are replaced by landscapes of rare beauty: the woods and rocks Suzuka, wide Vista of distant mountains behind Baljeu, the pine flows down the steep slopes of Bain-Gol, bright birch, a spacious Tavern. Over the years of travelling many thousands of kilometers flashed past me, but these nine are the most memorable.

However, that day they were not up to landscapes. In fifteen hours Blizzard road has changed beyond recognition. Its smooth surface had become rough, with craters, potholes and snowdrifts. Around snowy haze, the wind in your face.

With an icy mustache, they reached, finally, to the mill, where he learned that A. N. Vasiliev, losing hope to pass on Suzuka, morning left in Ulan Bator by a circuitous route.

Here is a short extract from a diary. “We returned home the next day. The going was even harder, as the whole night Melo. Shortly after we entered the pool Bain-Gol, I noticed on the ridge, a mile away, four grazing red deer. For a long time we watched them. It was windy and it was snowing. Forests and ridges lay in the shadows. And animals roamed quietly. It was like thousands of years ago.”

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