How Can GPS Make You a Better Hunter?

Hunt planning is a huge part of each fall, putting together all the details of a hunting trip is a pivotal part of the process.  Reverting to the maps and compiling your waypoints will show you not only where to start but what to look for in terms of topography and habitat.

Here are some tips on using GPS features that will help make you a more successful hunter. Mark waypoints on points of interest when out in the field. Whether you’re out scouting or shed hunting in the spring and summer, especially during hunting season. Always have a GPS along and every time you observe sign of your quarry, Map it. 

Over time, waypoints will add up and you will be able to identify patterns based on a compilation of your individual encounters. As time goes on you will become a more efficient hunter, knowing which types of topography to focus on and what contours the animals like to spend their time in. Essentially you can eliminate dead space where most likely the animals WON’T be and accurately identify specific types of areas where you’ve experienced encounters before.

In a spot and stalk situation a GPS can make all the difference. Spotting a bedded animal at a distance and planning a stalk using information provided by your GPS is incredibly effective.

Your GPS will identify topography that may not be visible from any given vantage point. What you see between you and a bedded buck isn’t always what you encounter during the stalk. Things start to look different and it is easy to miss your mark particularly when you are crawling. Set a waypoint as close as you can to the location you want to sneak to. Plan a course of action based on the evident contours represented on your GPS map and you won’t get turned around.

You can use your range finder for more accurate distance estimations as well. Couple that with the distance and topography on your GPS and your stalks will no longer be a guessing game full of mishaps and hard lessons learned.

Hunting techniques and strategies are changing with the times. Hunters are evolving with every new piece of technology invented. Studying the nuances of handheld GPS units is proving to be a revolution in hunting across the board. For expert advice on finding the right handheld GPS for your hunting applications, spend time with the hunting experts at Scheels to compare different units and software. There is no doubt that a hand held GPS can make you a much more successful hunter.

Passion for the Hunt Television is a regionally broadcast television show available throughout the Midwest. This informative and educational half hour show features and showcases some of the greatest hunting opportunities in the region along with techniques, guests and tactics that viewers find informative and enjoyable to watch.

Scott Winkles from SCHEELS with a great Montana mule deer.  Pictured with Scott is Jason Mitchell and Tayler Michels from Passion for the Hunt TV.

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