The charm and beauty of this hunting is that it takes place individually, and the final effect of the hunt is not based on skill, experience and knowledge of those with whom you may decide or have already decided to spend their free time hunting.

Returning to the place of your Parking after zorek both morning and evening, you use the fruits of his hunting trip. It is not mentioned Zveroboy driven hunt, where the required well-qualified and trained staff with which you drive every hunt together, which should be in its interests and allies.

Feature hunting game based on the fact that the final result depends only from your mental understanding of the process, knowledge, and experience.

The last two definitions, knowledge and experience are the required quantities for a certain period of time, correct qualitative component – an understanding of the process, that is, what first and foremost we wish to gain from the expected hunting the number of the killed game or fun and the quality of the process of hunting. It all depends on the understanding of the process of hunting. We set our goals only to achieve them.

The most important thing is to get from hunting a true pleasure to train and gain experience only for their own advancement.

Winter hunting is much different from the summer, especially when the temperature outside is below 15 degrees. There is a lot of additional problems.

Good shooting skills and great experience, at times, be useless and will not help the hunter to cope with the difficulties encountered on his way in the cold winter.

It is necessary to train in the shooting in any weather and at any time of the year, especially useful to do this in extreme conditions. Quite useful to record the results of the winter infantry training, then was able to view them and compare with the current weather conditions.

Be sure to check all the possibilities of your clothes, shoes and equipment in conditions of severe frost. This test enables to identify the weaknesses of your hunting property.

There are moments that should be given special attention. First and foremost, it’s freezing fingers. It is clear that when, during a frost index finger for a long time is on the trigger, he freezes and loses its sensitivity. This problem may occur at the beginning of the game if you do not have a repeating rifle. Such a weapon is possible to charge only one cartridge and only the bare fingers. Therefore, it is necessary to do it in the heat, in advance.

And for rifles with shops it is desirable to have 2 – 3 spare kitted in advance.

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