Hunting with pneumatic weapons

From airguns to shoot much cheaper than shooting firearms, while engaging relatively quiet and fairly easy shot from a pneumatic – no less than a resounding and sometimes eye-popping of firearms.

Wild pigeons after being hit in the body fall, it should be noted that in this weight category include in particular reed-chickens and grouse.

Hunting with pneumatic weapons is an interesting and very promising way of hunting. When the domestic market appeared first pneumatic pistols and rifles, and by the way, it happened not so long ago, few avid hunters might think that with their help you can get from the process of hunting pleasure. Pneumatics is mainly bought for the experience and the skills of accurate shooting, usually at home, and then went on the hunt already with a gunshot weapons. Such weapons are not only suitable for training of shooting skills.

Rifle fire can not only bottles, but also hunting, for example, small game, and it can be done quite calmly. Not a bad thing to have and the telescope, because without good quality optics, which is designed for hunting with air guns to hunt “with pleasure” will not work.

The initial velocity of the bullet, which was fired from an air rifle calibre 4.5, on average, approximately three hundred feet per second, the speed of the charge, a weight of 0.58 grams will be enough for the shot to the body average game from a distance of approximately equal to three meters.

To quality bullets, like Barracuda (with a weight of 0.68 grams) 4.5 caliber should be treated with caution, it is possible to hunt right on wild duck, and for the exclusion of the wounded animal in his hunting, and aim to hit exclusively in the slaughter zone, to treat them head and chest. Duck can be called a real hunting trophy.

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