Bear hunting with a smoothbore gun

Hunting for bear, it is best to use rifled or smoothbore combo weapons. In that case, if You are planning to carry out shooting at a distance of not more than 50 meters, then the best option is a double-barreled smoothbore weapon.

A feature of this type is two standalone trigger, so the gun with one trigger mechanism will not work. The guns in the weapon it is best to have a cylindrical head or just cylindrical.

It is not recommended to use a semi-automatic weapon. Do not violate this rule when the gun is fully debugged, already tested with the necessary ammunition. Also it is not necessary to use a pump-action weapon, characterized by a constant clanging.In General, the best weapon is the one that works perfect is better suited to hunting bear and guarantees results. Today we’ll discuss why bear hunting with a smoothbore gun is the wisest decision.

Setting gun

If you do not know from what distance You will shoot, it is better to use a universal weapon. If the distance is known and it is not large, in this case, it is advised to use a rifle.

The caliber of the rifle varies between 12 and 16. However, some hunters have guns with a caliber 20 and under, these “units” have the respective cartridges. You can use this caliber. If the hunter is going to shoot the bear from a distance of less than 30 meters, Toluca is best to use only rifles, but not semi-automatic.

And if the hunter doesn’t know what firing distance it will have, for good hunting, it is better to use combo weapons that can be as double barrel and triple barrel. Smooth barrels 12 and 16 gauge, or 20 gauge under the “Magnum” and rifled barrel chambered in 9 calibers.We kind of figured out what weapons for bear hunting best. Now you can talk about the cartridges that are better to use in these rifles.

Select cartridges and bullets for bear hunting

Before such a serious and dangerous hunting, prepare your gun in advance! Check its accuracy and sharpness, it pristrelite be sure and check out all of its mechanisms for reliability and serviceability immediately after you arrive at the place of hunting, reference check required!

So, the main rule is to use only bullet cartridges. You can’t use lightweight or piercing. The most ideal option – it is a heavy bullet cartridges.Among the hunters go different stories about how it was once used great bullet, exploding, wounding the beast stronger than the other and leaving no one a chance. Today, these bullets are not produced nor sold, but there are other suitable for bear hunting cartridges.

Name – “brennecke”, however it is best to slightly alter the cartridges of this brand, so they were even more productive.To start, select the bullets, whose diameter varies from 0.5 to 0.7 mm. Then we turn on the screws, which provorachivaetsya saleny wad with gaskets to the head of the bullet and removed the wad, gasket and screw.

Take a slightly longer screw, put on a couple thick gaskets made of cardboard, the total thickness will reach 3 millimeters, two wadding with a thickness of 20 millimeters, and again the strip of cardboard with a thickness of 2 mm.In the end, preporacuvam our design to the head bullet and put it on charge.Actually, bullets for bear hunting from 16 to 20 gauge should be mandatory with a weighted head. This figure more than the others affects the accuracy and if the accuracy is not good enough, will suffer the effectiveness of the shot and the entire hunt.

Indicators of a good shot:

  • The distance of 50 meters, the bullet hits the circle size of 10 inches;

If the bullet hits the circle with a diameter of 15-20 centimeters, the accuracy referred to is satisfactory, but if the result is outside these numbers, it is poor and not satisfactory.Every time before hunting, the hunter must carry out the adjustment and debugging of weapons and therefore bullets. It is recommended to do it in those conditions, which will be during the hunt. This means that you have to observe a temperature mode shoot.

I advise to watch a video in which a weapons expert will tell how to choose it, that would not prevent care porntogo of the beast.

To summarize

So, we decided that bear hunting with shotguns is the best option. Please be aware that some types of guns do not fit in order to use them in the confrontation with the bear.We also discussed the choice of ammunition, as well as how to upgrade bullets to make them more effective.

Sure that our tips will help You and You will be able fruitfully to hunt bear! I suggest You read our article about hunting wild boar with the approach, which includes all the nuances and subtleties of the case.

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