Chibis searching

Chibis, or bumpy, is a bird the size of a small pigeon. The beak is brief, the wings are relatively large and large. The head is embellished with a lengthy and slim crest of black color. Top of head, back, wings and goiter are black with metal gloss. Boka and also lower body are white. The upper covering tail plumes are rusty-brown.

Chibis is commonly dispersed in the territory of our country. He flies from wintering locations early, typically before most various other migratory birds. In springtime, nesting locations come in tiny teams, in the fall, wintertime flocks fly off in big groups.

The chibis runs extremely fast on the ground, it does not fly quickly, gradually functioning its wings. His trip is characterized by different throws and also somersaults, particularly observed in males throughout mating video games. Some hunters call this flight «« aerobatics ».

Populate chibis normally on damp fields near water, in floodplains of rivers, as well as occasionally in fields situated near a reservoir. They feed primarily on worms and also different insects. Nest usually huge nests.

After getting to the nesting locations, the chibis breaks up right into proceeds and sets to the final thought of the nestlings.

The female lays four big, vibrantly colored rally the ground in the ground. Both parents remain. Chibis takes terrific treatment of the nest and also chicks. They with loud sobs selflessly assault the opponents approaching the nest, as well as drive them away or away from the hiding chicks.

At the end of the summer season, when the young expands on the wing, the chibis get involved in big groups and lead a nomadic life. Throughout this duration they are exceptionally cautious as well as do not permit the seeker to fire.

Meat of chibis, particularly in the fall before flying away, is identified by its superb taste. The trouble of obtaining a chibis makes this bird an excellent things of sport searching.

Shibis are discharged from skradka on the ways of passage, by cramping, if the surface enables, by the surge, from the entryway on the boat, when the birds rest near the water, and from the veranda on the steed to the flocks feeding near the roadway.

Shoot the chibis followed by the number 5-7, depending on the range. The gun must have a modest accuracy and also a sharp continuous battle.

That’s truly truly, it’s sobbing that the fagot, whose name is typically called malosroshie ladies, it is clear, as a result of the common expectation of tears from them. The plaintive cry of the chibis, usually sent as «« somebody’s, you-you-you»», is heard from very early springtime and also, at the very least up until the middle of July, as well as it is gotten in touch with the anxiety of birds for the destiny of the nest and offspring. With this puncturing scream, a bird, and also more frequently in addition to a few showing up to the rescue, attempts to repel unwelcome visitors from its nesting site.

Once, already in the middle of summer season, I particularly represented a long time in the thick grass at the edge of the field with spring wheat, as well as the chibis relentlessly flew around me in circles and also without a break «« sobbed ». One could plainly see a cool head with a short beak, which he opened wide at weeping, a white sash on the podhvoste, paws directed at an angle back and iced up for the whole trip. By the way, his crest is in flight as well as is completely undetectable. Probably I stopped the bird from being eliminated from this unsafe location of the brood, because heading back in 10 minutes I did not locate any person below.

In former times, when this was exercised, it was unworthy even an inexperienced shooter to obliterate a trusting bird. Unlike the corncrake, who not only does not like to be shown, however attempts and does not shout at close danger, the chibis is all in view with its anxiousness as well as concerns. Not without factor, even in a well-known song, he fell for his forever duplicated concern: «« Whose are you as well as why are you below?»

» Earlier, when the Chibis were incomparably extra, in the April, May nights, really commonly the screams of chibis suddenly began to be heard. It can be seen that various other animals and also little predators disturbed them in the evening. The cry of the chibis was an essential indicator of the springtime fields as well as meadows.

Chroniclers do not desire to acknowledge its qualities grief-stricken mourner. In the past in the almanac «« Hunting Spaces» » renowned searching writer Nick. Smirnov convincingly clarified, referring to the authorities, that Yaroslavna from the famous «« Words » sobbed like a pike (zegzitsa). The remarks, by this never-ceasing monolith of literary works still translate zegzitsu cuckoo, not much taking into consideration that the word «« zegzitsa » and «« zigichka » very similar in noise, and also the last in some locations called the lapwing or steppe tea — — this was the name he is recognized in Ukraine. Gogol additionally wrote in his notebook: «« Steppe gull with a stilt in the type of a brace.» » Very appropriately noticed the classic. By the way, the deliberate and also thorough trip of the Pigalica, recognizable from a distance, is more suitable for Yaroslavna’s mental trip than the cuckoo’s thieving flights.

The plaintive sobbing of the chibis, along with the voices of next-door neighbors turning up in this instance, goes nearly to a many-voiced squeal, if the danger is significant. I remembered such a choir near the river bend, when a discolored fox was rummaging amongst the spring puddles with thaw water on a white day. It appears that she quickly might not stand the «« psychic» » strike, which the birds constantly led, replacing each various other. Each with a piercing scream and also a dreadful wave of wings pawned a suicidal turn near the fox’s nose, as well as soon the fox went away into the seaside louse.
Repeatedly you need to cry the chibis, up until the kids climb to the wing. After rarely you will listen to

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