Deer hunting

Each of these methods are only good for a certain period of time: naturally, you will not be in the middle of winter to dig holes to lick. Much of the choice depends on individual preference of each hunter.

it’s relatively affordable (subject to the availability of sufficient funds) for entertainment. Accordingly, changed its methods.

The and appreciated in the world of hunting this hunt is that it allows the hunter to show his ability, because he is opposed to the sensitive, cautious and intelligent animal, with an excellent sense of smell and hearing.

The most common are the following:

  1. hunting with dogs.
  2. with approach.
  3. with call (“Reva”).
  4. with the fold (the driven hunt).
  5. using salt licks – natural or artificial
  6. skrad.
  7. “an ambush”.

The most “aristocratic”, so to say that hunting with dogs has a long tradition: it suffices to recall, for example, the description of hunting in Leo Tolstoy or very popular among the military of the pre-revolutionary Russian army “parforsnaya hunting” in which hunters followed closely behind the dogs, not seeing the road (its description can be found, for example, V. Pikul). Hunting with dogs still preserved – though not in such scale as other methods, maintaining a sense his elitism (few hunters can afford a pack of specially trained dogs) and exotic.

For this hunting use huskies as the most intolerant of the wild animals of dogs and conduct it usually in the first or small snow. The role of dogs in this case are twofold: they can drive deer somewhere in a remote or secluded place (“suck”) and bark at until until the hunter arrives, or to stop him overtaking and also oblau. Also in the second case, dogs can surround a deer. The role of dog chooses itself, the sense of “focusing” on a number of factors: the fatigue of the animal, the snow depth, the characteristics of the area for hunting and finally established during process circumstances.

However, the basic scheme remains unchanged. Method of pen deer “sucks” only when hunting in the mountains, where deer hides from predators in remote areas where there is a narrow and unsafe track. The huskies are driving the deer to the cliff, and hunter, arranging near the ambush, makes the shot.

With the approach

Winter way is hunting with the approach (though it is often used in the fall season). It is very difficult even for experienced hunters, because it requires some special skills (for example, skradyvaya, which can not be heard steps and the rustle of skis, or shooting from a distance, if caribou are) and excellent knowledge of the terrain. In addition, not every locality would suit him – so, on the plain where there are no shelters, this method cannot be used. Best suited terrain with small hills where you can see the victim and not to get caught in her nose.

With this method, you definitely need a camouflage and a rifle. To approach the herd should be to leeward when on the street a strong wind, and should be very careful. If animals are resting, you can come closer – resting deer are not so vigilant. With the shot, don’t hurry – anxious animals will give the hunter a second chance.

Experienced hunters are advised to use the bipod or stops to avoid penalties, and to see where to shoot the deer could easily run away or hide somewhere in the distant thickets, where you will not find it until the end of life. The result is largely determined by the skill of the hunter. If after the shot, the deer falls to the side and begins to dig with their feet, at the same time, not looking up from the ground, this means that the injury has had on the spine, and can approach him and kill the animal long suffered. Similarly, you can do when a wounded animal trying to get back on his feet to get away.

With call

Hunting with a decoy (or “hunting cry”) – the most popular form of production of the deer today. It is used during the rut that deer often starts in the second half of September. There are different opinions about how best to make the hunt – with a partner or without: among avid hunters, there are supporters of both methods, so in this case we rely on the individual preferences of each person.

The essence of hunting is to simulate the call of a male roar, causing the other to fight for the right to possess the female, so first we need to clearly hear the roar of the males to calculate the animal selected as the object of the hunt, and find out where it is. To go hunting with a decoy is best when the street is quiet, dry and even a little cool weather, when the sounds carried far and without any interference. Deer will react to them and respond, alerting them to your approach.

Hunting in this way.

In advance – usually before dawn – to place in ambush downwind, then once signal tone higher than the voice of an adult male. So it seems more young and weak opponent, the male reacts more readily than the strong and the roar tube. Thus it is necessary to monitor the female: their behavior will also tell the hunter that its prey is approaching. If the deer responded, it must again send a signal to understand where you want to move, then you should lay low, occasionally giving voice.

If you target chose not hardened deer, and young, it is still possible to lure and voice of a female. Even if the male is suitable silence, “evaluating” the possibility of defeat, he still goes to the place where he heard the roar. At the end of the rut it can go together with their females to another signal from the side, but before it will emit a roar.

They should use it and approach it has been very downwind. If this is already possible not to be cautious: the deer decides that it is his rival. To shoot in the shoulder or in the neck. If you did, be sure to shoot again: during mating season deer are insensitive to the wounds.

Driven hunting

Driven hunting (yet it is called battue) is from October to January in those farms where it is supposed culling of deer on some signs. Normally this hunt is a team consisting of eight people, in which the roles of participants are clearly divided: some hunters are rooms, others are animals, acting as beaters. The preparation for it lies in the choice of forest animals and suitable positions for the gunners given the fact of where the wind blows, the presence of animal trails and the input traces of the future victims.

Sideline note flags, hanging them on the chest. Position shooters must be in position “in polvere” (traditional downwind location is not suitable for the reason that there is a risk of breaking the production over the boxes, and at the windward side of the animals immediately feel the danger). When the position is selected, the beaters begin to drive on them of the beast. Noise optional the deer are very shy, – enough to crunch the branches, tapping on the trunks of trees and Pat their hands. The rest is a matter of technique, coherence of the team members, action older and a good shot.

Hunting on salt licks

Hunting on salt licks are most effective in spring and summer, when deer after winter comes the so-called “salt starvation”, caused by a large volume of green succulent fodder. It is best to trap them in a natural salt licks. However, this method can be applied in open season officially hunting, because deer, especially the North, is in constant need of salt. If the selected hunting area of solonetzes no, they can do with their hands.

They are made like this:

  1. the selected area of 8 – 15 sq. m. cleared from weeds and snags.
  2. with a stake close to each other breaks of about ten pits at a depth of 20 – 25 cm.
  3. in the resulting hole is filled with salt.
  4. then pre-prepared brine abundantly watered the whole territory. This should be done in such a way that the liquid fell to the bottom of the trees, plants and shrubs. So the animals will quickly find salt licks.

When everything is cooked, on the same side where the wind blows, is arranged ambush or storage shed on a tree, or as the frame on the ground. An ambush can be arranged immediately after the animals find salt and start to come to more of these “insider” places.

Hunting takes place at night in any weather, even in the rain. Ambush need to take a few hours before sunset. It is desirable to have night vision or at least a lantern, which can be strengthened on the gun. I need to prepare for a long wait – maybe even a few hours in complete silence not Smoking, not to betray its presence. If you do someone will scare it to this day, no one here will appear.

Usually first on the “salt marsh” comes a female. The male is more cautious. Shoot him only when he calms down, stops to sniff and listen and begin to lick salt. When you dump, you first need to remove the carcass with a lick to his blood soaked salt. If you do not, but none of the beasts will not come here.


Another kind of hunting – STO-len – used in cases where deer graze long in one place. In order to make hunting in this method, the hunter must learn to read animal tracks and know their habits. The essence is a bit like hunting with the approach: the hunter carefully, from cover to cover, to follow the herd to the place, they choose their pasture (or maturation), approach them to a distance shot and make it. Please consider the habit of the deer long to sniff every time before going out into the open, so, as in other cases, the hunter does not interfere with an ample supply caution, patience and calm, as well as the ability for a long time not to smoke.

Finally, the last method of hunting is ambush (“ambush”). Somewhat unclear, why is it seperate because it’s not the method, and method, part a component part in almost all of the above methods. Before you sit down in an ambush, the hunter must be sure that the place he chose – whether pasture or prone, constantly visited by deer. That is, each time the hunt is preceded by a thorough “exploration”.

All of the above can be attributed to deer hunt for one of the most complex, requiring the hunter skill, experience, knowledge of the terrain and animal habits and such qualities as endurance, patience, caution, accuracy and agility. The reward for such an impressive list of qualities is offered relevant: in addition to the valuable horns, meat and skins, hunter deer for sure an unforgettable experience and excitement. She is one of the favorite pastimes of Americans, who often prefer to hunt even with a shotgun, and bow, as distant ancestors. This weapon is so popular that when the opening of the official season first allowed to hunt an animal with a bow, and only secondarily to a conventional firearm.

It is interesting to note that hunt deer do not disdain and convinced vegetarians. According to them, hunting is not so much the score but the process itself.

It remains to add that in the US, for example, the hunting season for deer lasts from September to the end of January. In Ukraine, males, noble and spotty deer and their young are allowed to hunt in the period from August to September and in females from September to December. In the far North of Russia, hunting of wild reindeer, though allowed from August to mid-March, but for the average hunters is often limited. Only the indigenous Northern inhabitants of the Yukaghirs and Nganasans, to which it still remains the main occupation, the hunting of reindeer allowed without restrictions. Hunting him in two ways: STO-len (usually the first shallow snow) and the deer. This method came to us from the depths of centuries and is very interesting. Its advantage is obvious: wild deer are not afraid of a home and even if you see him, you will continue to safely graze. Home the deer is not afraid of shots.

The essence of this method is the following: the hunter hides behind a homemade deer coming to the herd of his wild brethren at close distance and at the first opportunity shoots. Sometimes the role of the domesticated reindeer performs white shield made of wood with holes done. Under its cover, the hunter can very slowly and carefully approach the herd, to identify the victim and kill her.

Hunting STO-len very often turns into a common pursuit, and then the hunter has to use sleds pulled by reindeer homemade, or more modern vehicles. Sometimes it happens that it leads a few people (instead of one or two) or even a whole company of hunters. In this case, hunting STO-len is the typical driven hunt in which sleds are used.

In the forest in big hunting season deer hunting usually coincides with the us.

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