Hunting for a double

Dupel is a migratory bird of the family of beecas, which lives practically on the whole territory of our country and the CIS countries. It inhabits the land from Kaliningrad to the Yenisei. It settles on swamps, near rivers and small forest streams, as well as on wet lawns and glades.

Dupel is very similar to snipe, because of what these two birds are constantly confused. Outwardly, it is really difficult to distinguish them, since their plumage is almost the same. But if you pay attention to the physique, the duple seems more dense. Dyupels are slightly shorter, but the beak is stronger. Another distinguishing feature, which shows 100% that we have a duple in front of us – these are large, well-marked white strips on the wings.

And the most important difference between snipe and snipe is the taste of meat. The meat of the dope is considered to be more fragrant, delicate and delicious. The white-head (as they also call the snipe) is considered a more valuable trophy than a snipe.

Grouse (belokupchik) dupel adult weighs between 200-300 g, its body length of 25-30 cm, the length of wingspan 40-45 cm. Its abdomen reddish-gray with dark patches and rest darker. Neck short, noticeably shorter than snipe.

The wintering falcon in Africa, somewhere in the equator. In the middle zone of Russia, he arrives in the second half of April, i.e. later his close relative – snipe. To the north of the country and even later – in May-June, and to Siberia this bird arrives somewhere in the middle of the first summer month. The white-haired flyers fly one by one, they are generally uncommunicative birds. Only young individuals can sometimes gather in a small flock.

According to the conclusion of the Swedish ornithologists, the snipe is the fastest bird among all the migratory birds. They are able to reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. It is worth noting that the distance from the equator to our edges is about 6-7 thousand kilometers. So, the duple overcomes this distance in just 3-5 days! This is truly a huge speed! But that’s not all. During such a long flight, the ornithologists say, the renter never has to sit down on the ground to rest and refresh himself. From this it follows that the duple when flying from north to south and back, does not sleep at all. Although, who knows, maybe they manage to take a nap during the flight.

Bird Dupel ConjugationPractically, immediately after arrival at the dubs, the mating period begins – the tamping. As with wood grouses and black grouses, the current occurs on the ground. The turn of the blue-collar workers begins at sunset. The first to replace the current come flying females, who sing songs to the males. The dubbing is always carried out in the same places. As a rule, these are small glades in the forest. Male during the time of walking around the female, taking various bizarre poses. They go with spread wings, making the tail fan, uttering at the same sounds something like a metal ball hitting a wooden floor.

The current lasts all night, the males fight among themselves, the females watch them, and by the morning the formed pairs fly apart. After fertilization, the female looks for a place to build a nest. It is located in dense grass or under a bush, on a dry patch of a swamp. The nest of the snipe is a small hole that is lined with dry grass of last year and moss.
In the masonry, almost always 4 dirty-brown eggs. Nasizhivanie lasts about three weeks. Hatching chicks develop very quickly. In a month they reach the size of adult individuals and can fly over short distances.

Bird Buyer (duple) Dupel – a careful bird, leading a secretive way of life. Happy sits in the grass, and only closer to the night, with the sunset, she flies for feeding. The builder buys insects, worms, and snails. He also eats grass and seeds of some plants. Very much he likes to visit the wheat and katrofel fields. In August, you can see several whips at the same time in one small glade. These are the so-called rinses. The appearance of large numbers of dubes in the same place is repeated year after year. The peculiarity of these birds is collected in large numbers by hunters. Even a novice hunter can shoot more than 10 birds on the vineyards in one evening.

From July until the flight, the dupal begins to fatten, save up fat. At this time they become heavy, clumsy. The white-haired man very close to the man, flies out of the grass often right from under his feet, which frightens ignorant citizens. The snipe-snipe is flying very slowly and low, not rising above three meters above the ground.

Dupel (bekupchik) From mid-August to the end of September, the duplex flies to Africa. The flight of these birds to the warm regions, as well as the arrival, passes unnoticed. You will not see numerous flocks of these secret birds, since they fly mostly singly.

All the fat accumulated over the summer, they will spend only a few days of flight, and to Africa they arrive thin. Population of the snipe is not numerous, and it continues to shrink as a result of human economic activity. To hunt them on a spring current is prohibited. Hunting for whippers is allowed from August until the very departure.

A quiet morning of early August. A huge floodplain meadow is enveloped in milky fog. Besides biting lashes shepherds expels herd after the morning milking, unless Warbler breaks the silence. Ah, yes, here is the impatient whining of the crook, tearing off the leash in search.
Hunter stepping

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