Hunting for a Rebellion

Active hunting for feathered game continues. Few of the novice hunters, are familiar with such game as a reindeer, which is also known as a water chicken. Quite an interesting bird, which leads a secretive way of life and rarely catches your eye. Kamyshnitsa, belongs to the group of cowherd boys.

The color of the bird is dark, with a white stripe on the sides and light feathering in the lower part of the tail. The bird’s beak is bright red. What kind of bird is this, how, and for what purpose do we hunt for it, we will tell in this article.

The reed reaches the size of a teal, but it seems more, thanks to the length of the legs. This is a migratory bird, the hunting season for it in Ukraine begins in August and ends with its departure in October. Rebels are widespread in the Middle East, in the European part of Russia, in the Caucasus, and also in Asian countries, mainly in the southern regions. In Ukraine, most of these birds in the southern part of the country.

Habitat – ponds with a lot of high, aquatic vegetation in the form of reeds or reeds, which serve as a shelter for birds. Food, water chicken, serve a variety of seeds, worms, insects, leaves and young shoots. Most often, she finds food on the water surface. Masonry consists of 6-10 eggs, and the incubation period is 20-21 days. By September, the chicks had already grown up, able to fly and ready to fly. The reed flies very reluctantly, feeling danger, prefers to escape into the nearest thickets rather than climb the wing.

Hunting for a reindeer usually passes through a skid, or from a boat. It is important not to frighten off the bird, otherwise it will hide in dense thickets. Raising a bird on the wing in September is not so easy, so shooting is conducted on ground or naval targets. When hunting from a boat, you should observe the smoothness and silence of the course. Also, it is necessary to follow the safety of shooting from the boat, especially the inflatable, which can easily turn over. For better camouflage, the spoon can be dyed in the color of aquatic vegetation. In general, hunting for a water hen will differ little from hunting for a duck. An excellent decision, will take with him to hunt a girlfriend’s dog.

Once you have shot a bird like chomgu or bald, involuntarily you stop trusting the taste of aquatic game, in addition to ducks, of course. We assure you, the meat of the reed is very tasty, and with the right approach to cooking, it surpasses even the duck according to its taste. This month, the bird is gaining its maximum mass, preparing to fly to the south. Such a game as a reed does not need to be neglected, especially in September. In the south of Ukraine, the reindeer will stay until the middle of October.

Of commercial significance, the reed does not carry. Hunting for it is rare, mainly during hunting for a larger water game. We hunt for a bird from a boat or from the shore with a girlfriend’s dog. Poultry meat is famous for its taste qualities, especially in fried or stewed. We recommend to hunt for a reed, for the sake of its delicious meat.

The most famous birds, related, like the corncrake, to the group of cowherd boys, are a reed, a shoulder strap and a shepherd. In addition, about six species are known, which are listed in the Red Book and can not be shot. Ordinary reapers, also called water or reed chicks, reach a weight of 250 g.

The feathering of the monsters is poured by black, dark gray and brownish-olive flowers. The legs are greenish, the eyes are brownish-red. The plaque on the forehead and the base of the beak are red, and the end of the beak is yellowish. The water chickens come back from the wintering place in April. Immediately they break up into pairs, starting to build nests. The nest at the reed is complicated, most of all it resembles a basket woven from water plants.

In the masonry there are 7-11 rusty-yellow eggs, which are covered with violet-gray and bluish dots. Male reindeer show great care for the offspring, helping the female to incubate the eggs. The incubation lasts from 19 to 22 days. Over the summer, water chicks grow two broods. The first masonry is in April – May, the second is in June – July. During the laying of eggs, males tok on at night and on dawns, both evening and morning.

Current occurs in dense thickets of water plants or in flight. The places of current and habitat of the marmots are exceptionally strong. Usually it is dense thickets of reeds and reeds. Cautious monsters lead a secretive way of life. All day they spend in the supports, reviving only at night and dawn. The cowherd boys also live in thick reeds.

Like water chicks, they are timid and cautious. The plumage is brown, also predominant in color light ocher, black and white tones. A long dark-brown beak has an orange-red base. The eyes of the cowherd boy are light red, the feet are brownish-green. The cowherd boys nest in pairs. Both parents participate in the incubation and upbringing of the offspring.

In the laying of this bird there are usually 7-9 testicles. Of the epaulettes the most common game is the ordinary perch. Other species are less common and can only be caught by a hunter accidentally. However, sometimes you can shoot a large, small, white-winged povynyshey or povynysha-crumb. Pogonysh resembles a corncrake in appearance, but its color is dominated by gray and olive-brown tones.

Besides, this bird is much smaller. Ordinary habitats povynysha – overgrown floodplain marshes, banks of rivers and lakes, overgrown with reeds and sedge, as well as overgrown with the same vegetation wet meadows.

Like other representatives of the order of the cowherd boys, the pogonis together take care of the offspring. The number of eggs in the masonry is 8-15 pieces. The duration of incubation is from 18 to 21 days. Soon after the chicks hatch

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