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Black goose is very beautiful in trip and also have the ability to conquer distances of thousands of kilometers. In addition, these birds– the smallest of the category Branta.

Habitat, preservation status, abundance, open view

Black geese populate the Northern shore of Western Europe (one of the most Northern regions– the coasts of Germany, Denmark and also the Netherlands). Participants of the types also occur in South-Eastern regions of the British Isles, Atlantic coastline of France, and inhabit the narrow strip of expanse in the Arctic part of the Chukotka as well as Yakutia.

There is also a populace of black geese on the Pacific coastline from Mexico to southerly Alaska, as well as the Asian population on the Japanese Islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, Sandanska Peninsula, China as well as in Korea.

Presently there have to do with 500,000 people of black geese. Nevertheless, in 1970-e years the population number has declined considerably since restrictions on the searching of a varieties during that time did not exist. Today, despite the ban, the hazard of mind continues, due to the fact that black geese like to forage on the grain areas, as well as for that reason be subject to damage. Surface area water overflow from agricultural land into estuaries additionally brings substantial damage to the number of black geese.

Atlantic black goose(Branta bernicla hrota) listed in the Red publication of Russia

The visibility of subspecies

Presently identified three subspecies of the black goose. They all have the black coloration of the head, chest, tail and paws, varying only in the shade of the sides as well as tummy.
Branta bernicla hrota– has a light stubborn belly with pale brown and whitish feathers. The quest for the representatives of this subspecies is banned. Types in Canada, Greenland, and nearby Islands.

Branta bernicla nigricans– in the stubborn belly of the representatives of this subspecies is repainted black. Breeds in North America and Siberia.

Branta bernicla — — has a darker stomach and also the total light tone of the tuft. Types to the North of Europe and also Asia.

Black geese occupy seaside Arctic tundra and also damp meadows with plentiful low floral vegetation. For a nesting members of the varieties pick sloping financial institutions, covered with salt marshes, but nests might likewise be built on the grassy Islands in the fish ponds or river deltas.

The existence of types closely related to the beneficial problems of the seaside environment, and consequently on migration black Canada geese are usually located on waterfront financial institutions covered with silt, in addition to in areas of estuaries, superficial sloppy bays. Additionally, birds are brought in to areas grown with grains.

Way of living, life process, life span, opponents, recreation in nature, courtship routine, a method of habits

Sight refers to the number of migratory types. Black geese move in dense, well maneuverable groups can reach quicken to 90 km/h due to the slim, large wings.

In addition to seasonal, mind is integral in the everyday movement. In the early morning on the ground foraging birds are kept for about two hours, then go to the sea to consume alcohol water as well as rest until mid-day. From noontime till sunset again eat the coasts, investing the night outdoors sea.

For reproducing birds are divided right into pairs at the start of June, after that producing a small nest.

Nearly all the Chicks hatch out at the same time and the parents were required to the nearby fish pond. Chicks consuming 13 to 14 hrs a day until, until fledge (about the age of 40 days). The Chicks stay with the moms and dads all winter months. Puberty black geese get to the age of 2-3 years.

Life expectancy of black geese in nature has to do with 28 years old. In bondage this boosts by roughly 10 years, the maximum known life-span of a black goose in bondage is 40 years.

The major adversary of the black geese– Fox. A hazard to the mind imagine various other killers. Eggs and also Chicks can steal gulls and Skuas.
The varieties has one of the most Northern area of breeding of all members of the genus.

For black geese is defined as a colonial, and also single-type territorial nesting, and in the second case the couple favors to utilize a bird’s-customers. So, there are situations when nests of black geese were located in close proximity to swarms of Arctic terns, glaucous gulls, herring gulls, nesting snowy owls, Skuas, peregrine falcons, zimnyakov.

The species favors to nest near water, but may in some cases breed in the icy expanse (approximately 10 km inland). For the building and construction of nests made use of vegetation as well as feathers, the female carries from 3 to 5, seldom 6-7 eggs.

The area around the nest proactively secures not just the female but the man not just taking a harmful pose, yet additionally in pursuit of the enemies.
The incubation duration of eggs lasts 24 to 26 days, during this period the geese molt and also can’t fly.

The courtship ritual of the black goose is fairly complex as well as long, while although that birds develop pairs forever, annually, the male takes care of the female with the presents. Mating frequently takes place in water.


Black geese belong to social varieties, creating nests at the duration of nesting. May show territoriality during the reproducing period. The sociality of the species is shown in the high degree of synchronization of the period of oviposition and hatching. Nests of barnacles characterized by high thickness. Men after hatching are kept in different groups, females with broods may sign up with the team. It simply monogamus, nonetheless, the courtship ritual is duplicated annually. Finding areas with numerous food, I attempt to travel minimally.

The selection of a companion from the black geese takes place on the basis of the similarity of the clericals. Prior to migrating to breed in the Northern regions they form a pair.

Food in the wild and feeding in bondage — — General concepts and also choices for seasonal feeding, the nature of the rations according to the experience of dog breeders.

Black goose is mostly herbivorous birds, nevertheless, they might likewise consume snails, eggs as well as worms, marine invertebrates, larvae of mosquitoes.

The birds feed generally on land, yet can additionally grab from the water surface floating plants, or immersed in water, obtaining food at a depth of 50-70 centimeters

The power of black geese various in wintering as well as reproduction. In the initial situation, the basis of their diet are algae, the second– mosses, lawn, algae and also lichens.

The primary groups of host plants that eat black goose look like this:

  • Grasses (Polygonaceae, Fabaceae, Asteraceae);
  • Sitnikova and graminoids (Poaceae, Juncaceae);
  • Sedge (Cyperaceae);
  • Horsetails (Equisetaceae);
  • Shrub willow (Salicaceae).

A crucial role in the nutrition of geese playing algae: Enteromorpha sp. especially in the winter season. Birds can likewise drink salt water

Feeding in bondage

In captivity black goose needs to acquire a great deal of plant foods, including veggies and fruits. Youngsters should additionally get the sprouted grain.

It is desirable to include in the diet of grown-up eelgrass (Zostera marina) and also other algae, if it is difficult– it is necessary on a daily basis to give them young or sprouted grains.

A preferred food of birds kept in bondage, is a salad. They likewise appreciate grazing on the area of the unit. If this grass is not appropriate, the birds must to give fresh cut lawn.

As a Supplement you can offer the black geese feed for chickens as well as the pellets for waterfowl.

Features of the captive reproduction: number of eggs per clutch, incubation, incubation, the breeding expertise of dog breeders from abroad, sex-related dimorphism.

The black goose in a cage is simple to quadrate swans, different geese as well as ducks, typically grazing with them. The only types with which the black goose can not manage– the Hawaiian goose.

In the cage needs to be a pasture with turf not over 7.5 centimeters.

It is necessary that the birds always had accessibility to water, so the cage has to have a reservoir, ideally, to occupy to 20% of the location of the room. At the very same time in the paddock during a serious frost black goose does not require, yet tiny shed in the unit is required. It can be mud or timber.

As an essential food for geese green feed in the room, it is preferable to outfit a baby room feeders.

Throughout the reproducing season of black geese, it is desirable to isolate in a separate enclosure, where you will have accessibility to other birds (the man ends up being hostile).

Sexual dimorphism

Female and male specimens are ostensibly similar, but men usually bigger than ladies and also have bigger light ring around the neck. Wing length of women 315-331 mm, men mm. 310-351 Weight 1415-1730 males, females around the year 1200 the Beak of 29-37 males, ladies 31-38 mm. Respectively, the weight of men in the period of shedding is shortened by 141 grams, ladies– 122 grams.

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