Searching for Vyakhir

VYHIR (Columba palumbus) or Vityutin, comes from the household of pigeons, repainted in numerous shades of blue. The length is 43 cm, the wingspan is 75 centimeters, the wing is 23 centimeters long, as well as the tail is 17 centimeters long. From 65 ° north latitude, the wax is dispersed throughout Europe.

In springtime and also summer season, vyahiri stay in sets, hardly ever little societies or groups. Both birds are busy accumulating material for the nest, which is arranged on slim trees in the thicket of the forest as well as is constantly very carefully hidden from the spying eyes.

It’s incredible exactly how little they care about their eggs, which can hardly be located in another bird. If the bird resting on the eggs is scared off, after that you can quickly eliminate the eggs, since he possibly will not go back to his nest; Only to hatching out chicks they feed some love.

Vyakhir is an actual woodland bird. He favors coniferous woodlands, possibly due to the fact that the seeds of fir, fir and pines serve him as food. This is a incredibly rapid and also cautious bird; she strolls well, although not very soon; its trip is gorgeous, light as well as rapid.

The dimension of a vyutin is one as well as a half times that of a normal Russian pigeon. The pen is extremely lovely: all bluish, great smoky, with a minor pink tint, especially on the craw and neck; this ebb is two-faced and is shown in the light or the sunlight with a eco-friendly and pink-gold sparkle. On the top fifty percent of the neck lies a transverse white band, which, nonetheless, does not unify under the throat, and also the Germans do not fairly properly call the vetutine «« ring dove »(Ringtaube); on the shoulder layer of the wing, a white, rather elongate tarnish is likewise visible, which is extended by a strip, if the wing is spread; ends of severe lengthy feathers in wings and also tail of dark color; on the lower internal side of the tail plumes lies a white strip across once more, including white heels on each plume, which, on the various other, on the various other, is not noticeable whatsoever; legs red like a Russian pigeon; nose is light reddish or pink; eyes clear, not dark and not grey: some obscure light ash color.

Vitytin’s voice can not really be called cooing: there is something boring in his audios; they are lengthy and much more like a groan or growl, extremely loud as well as at the same time not revolting. Positive to the ear; it is listened to really much away, especially along the dawn as well as the wind, and also typically opens the hunter’s nest vitytina, for he likes sitting on the knot of the tree nearest to the nest, ideally completely dry, sharing his joy with a lengthy cooing or, extra likely, howling.

Vityutin additionally has a special flight: a leaflet from the tree, initially he considerably climbs and also, striking one wing on the various other or both wings versus his sides, generates an audio really similar to a clap in the hand of your hand that repeats numerous times; after that the vytytin directs his flight a bit down and also flies already straight, in a common means, yet constantly very strongly as well as quickly.

Shoot them from the entrance, and also walking it will rarely be successful in approaching to the most effective, unless the terrain will allow us to slip up because of something; nonetheless, as long as the stacks remain in the field as well as rather frequent (as occurs with strong yields), it’s extremely practical to sneak up due to them and also quite often you can eliminate a number of pieces with a single charge. Vityutins are far more humble very early in the early morning, up until they had time to consume: here they unwillingly interrupt their rich morning meal and do not fly away, however only fly from one place to an additional. If there are trees nearby, after that after the first shot they will now decide on them, once again to decrease to the forage when the hunter retires.

They obtain used to it due to the fact that during the dream-stuff they regularly duplicate this maneuver, that is, they sit down on trees when the peasants come for the sheaves, and fly once more to the stacks, when the peasants entrust to packed carts. In the middle of September, the vyutinas join in large groups, come to be really cautious as well as soon completely fly away. Before departure, they all end up being extremely yummy and really fat, particularly the children; throughout the exact same withdrawal of youngsters, the meat of old vyahirye is difficult and also dry.

It is difficult to establish the beginning of both of its names. The people use them as small in a reproachful feeling: «« Such a pig » or «« VYUTYTIN » is discussing an individual who is typical or slow-moving. They likewise state to themselves or an additional in the event of a mistake: «« What type of yoke you gave»»; the words « Vyakhir » and also « Vyakha » obviously originated from the very same origin. In the homes of the pigeon-vityutin there is nothing that validates such misuse of his name. Most likely, his timidity and also timidity were the factor. Having so little physical methods to protect themselves, it is impossible for pigeons to be take on against well-armed and predatory enemies of their very own.

Generally, vitytin is strong and extremely solid to the rifle bird and also, in my viewpoint, substandard to this top quality only the black grouse, — — therefore, the fraction needs to be made use of duck, 4th and also 3rd number.

Near field copses, in neglected thickets as well as stunted bushes, it is required to fire the pigs as well as is on the increase. This generally happens throughout warm lunchtime hrs. The pet dog starts to unexpectedly rotate, makes a tug-and the waggon rumbles up, stops for a 2nd and goes directly to the area with an even, solid as well as fast trip. The shot can be beautiful as well as hard, like a shoal in the steppe.

Hunting for wild pigeons, specifically for pigs, and because of its attraction, as well as the value of a bird, can very well be categorized as a very intriguing sport hunt.

Vyakhir, extracted prior to departure, heavy, sodden, covered with a thick and also strong silky feather, gives wonderful enjoyment to the hunter. In general, pigs are not such simple and frequent victim. He constantly brings in the hunter with his savagery: hunting after him needs endurance, calmness, persistence. He needs to be hunted down with miraculous effort, to conceal — — with intense exhilaration.

There is no independent searching for wagons, it is normally exercised during the search for one more field or overload video game. However, passing from an overload to a swamp or from a coppice to a coppice, it is specifically pleasurable to reduce in a grid, near to a chirk or a corn-borer, the heavy fall dove — — a waggon.

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