Searching for Wigeon

Wigeon is among one of the most popular Northern birds. It is usually called Whistler, fistula or Sviyaga. The name duck has gotten it for the ability to generate uncommon sounds that appear like whistling.

She resides in Northern forest-tundra, and wintertimes in the warmer latitudes of South Asia, East Africa, and Indochina. Sviazi ducks reside in huge groups, so to meet them alone is almost impossible. Sometimes, the number of people exceed a few thousand.

The ducks are going to wet meadows, financial institutions of marshes and farming fields. Duck has a rather plus size, which are second only to the Mallard. The length of the bird is 45-50 cm as well as a wingspan of up to 75-85 cm It includes a brief neck, a sharp tail and a brief beak. One of the attributes consist of a high temple ducks sviazi as well as white stripes on the wings. The body of the bird is stocky as well as veretenoobraznaya.

The average weight of the male sviazi is 600-1000 grams, ladies– 500-900 grams. Male wild ducks sviazi makes a good-looking look.

It has a brown head with a Golden red stripe, white tummy, reddish-gray breast, gray top, black tail as well as sides. Tiny plumes in the lower part of the wing of a duck, which are called mirror cast purple as well as eco-friendly tones, as well as the shoulders are enhanced with white areas, make the bird much more striking and noticeable.

Sviazi the beak has a bluish tint with black edge and legs grey. Women of sviazi more modest in your clothes. It offers a reddish-gray tones, making them undetectable in nature. The special voice of a bird Ducks wigeons distinct also on huge distance, enabling you to differentiate them from various other migratory birds. This adds to the brilliant color of quill and the uncommon voice. Surprisingly, men as well as ladies make really various audios. In regular time private ducks male remaining issue and also smooth audios « review your » or « PII-u », evocative a whistle or «the noise of a rubber toy. «In the»breeding period the voice of Wigeon, a couple of modifications,

it added a special touch. Men call women screaming « free-RUO » or « review your-ru ». Women ducks fulfill a low-key audio resembling the noise of a « Kerr ». Particularly reproducing birds To create children the young from «wild»ducks

completed in the very first year

of life. Sometimes, ladies do not mate, awaiting following summertime. This causes the reality that part of the weft pairs is formed in autumn prior to flying to warmer climes, as well as the various other component straight during the flight. Frequently the nesting areas of birds have gone back to complete sets. Mating wigeons are fairly small and also do not have striking indications. Men a lot of the moment near

females revealing the others that she’s currently taken. In the procedure of mating period, they seem like a loud whistle, and also which owe their name. For nesting birds choose the hiding location in the thickets of in 2014’s yard or bushes. The women builds the

nest, which lies in the red to a depth of 5-7 cm In the process of building a duck utilizes its own fluff. In the period from late may to mid-June the women lays eggs, which in stonework are generally 6-10 pieces. The first days of hatching, the male ducks near the female, but after a time removed to moult.

After that they get on the lakes of Siberia, in the deltas of the rivers Volga as well as Ural. Sviazi the women incubates the eggs for around 25 days. After a few hours

after the youngsters dries and pursue mama. They currently have open eyes as well as ears, exceptional at running and also swimming, finding out to look for food in the first days of life. Young Chicks are ducks able to fly at the age of 40-45 days. Throughout this period, brood breaks. When they fly to warmer climates for the winter, the birds gather together in late August. The Wigeon resides on the area of Russia, Scandinavia, the Northern Caucasus as well as Finland.

You can see them additionally in Iceland as well as beside the coast of the Arctic Islands. Usually huge teams of birds can be observed in the taiga zone and in the European part they are almost there. A remarkable population of Wigeon is discovered on the lake, the South side of the Altai hills, on the coasts of the sea of Okhotsk in the locations of the Palaearctic area as well as Kamchatka. For a nesting duck picks shallow waters with a sloppy bottom.

An obligatory condition is the presence of large quantities of vegetation, so the birds feel risk-free. That’s why ducks wigeons can be seen in the creeks, lakes or swamps forests. In winter, ducks gather in teams and fly in the cozy lagoons and also bays

Frequently it is Western Europe, southerly Japan and Asia, the Mediterranean. Duck-vegetarian Wigeon– a bird that eats plant food. They have the ability to locate their living not just in water however additionally on the coast, nipping the grass. Diet plan sviazi usually the following: Wigeon feeds bulbs and rhizomes of water plants; shoots; environment-friendly fallen leaves; seeds; duckweed; different natural herbs grain. Real-time foods are likewise present in the diet of the ducks is, although uncommon. They are represented by grasshoppers, worms, mollusks, fish fry and also tadpoles.

Most often duck feeds during the day. However, in some areas of the feeding room can be full of water at high trend. Power routine changes and also Wigeon feeding in the morning or evening. The Wigeon does not such as to dive, but its diet plan usually existing roots and lavish turfs that grow on the riverbed. Smart birds make use of someone else’s aid, not costs alone time under water. Wigeon can commonly be found near the swans, where they grab leftover food from the surface area of the water. The process of dropping sviazi long enough, however, for the entire duration she does not shed the ability to fly. This is feasible because of the reality that the wing feathers of a duck fall out progressively

, not at one time. This provides you the chance to grow them as well as to allow the bird to fly. Various other agents of wild ducks molting procedure quick. That is why hazardous while they wait in the thick thickets without the capacity of flight. Life span of birds as much as 15 years if they stay in captivity. Under all-natural conditions, ducks live a great deal less and rarely more than 2-3 years. Wigeon has a huge industrial worth. Frequently they are removed in the wintering period,

when they gather in huge collections. Duck is considered among the best quality meat.

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