Hunting timber pigeon in autumn

Wood pigeon usual in coniferous woodlands, ranging from Scandinavia to the middle part of the Himalayas. Wood pigeon breeds in the pleasant latitudes of Western Siberia as well as Europe.

Normally their nests, the pigeons are satisfied on a thick coniferous trees.

Timber pigeon (or withouten) is a species of wild pigeons. It is a big and heavy bird weighing from 0.5 kg to 900 g as well as a size of concerning 40 cm Color grey, smoky with simply a couple of shades: pink, lilac, blue-green (mostly craw). If the wings of the wood pigeon is liquified, you can clearly see the transverse white stripes on them, as in the reduced component of the tail. Made up these 2 lines of areas on each wing. In grownups the sides of the neck there is a white spot in the form of a Crescent. The eyes of timber pigeon pale-yellow, expense pinkish, tarsi red.

Searching wood pigeon in autumn in its extent can not be compared to the fall duck searching, yet it does not provide premises to take into consideration it useless and also a little attractive.

If you concern the pigeon as a trophy, he has the physical dimensions of suitable compared to other in the overall mass searching of the birds as weigh from 0,5 kg to 1 kg.

Furthermore, unique care and strange fashion of flight allows him to escape from the hunters sometimes. Just his frustrating wish to connect with other doves often ends up being harmful for him.What threatens and what is wrongis that the bird is sociable? This weakness bird seekers make use of for their own objectives. They are utilized for hunting stuffed pets

that are organized beside stradcom to draw the dove during searching wood pigeon in the fall. The pigeon pecks on the Ruseand flies to the hunter, and also he right away fires as well as the bird on the ground.

In the be up to search doves is not as straightforward as it remained in the start of the period, as the bird is already frightened as well as extra skilled. Currently of the year it is needed to make use of numerous techniques that assist to obtain and find pigeon.

What is eye-catching and interesting to quest for wood pigeon in the loss?

The timber pigeon is the biggest pigeon, and it already draws in. After hunting little doves this sort of a gift to a seeker.

Unbelievable treatment of this bird is requiring seekers to consider one of the most efficient ways of concealing that makes this quest an additional combination of feelings.

To properly intend as well as make accurate shot is not the simplest task, as a result there is a need for a practice that additional whet the seeker.

A selection of approaches of hunting this dove will not be tired, due to the fact that you can try a couple of choices that will assist to explore the significance as well as the appeal of this searching.

Search the timber pigeon feed on the fields and sprinkling

If the road is the start of fall, the timber pigeon you can go even on gathered wheat fields, however it happens rarely, because they are processed quickly.

Wheat grain is the initial treat for the dove in the start of the period. As a rule, in fall the pigeons fly to prey on sunflower fields, which is harvested in late fall.

This is where we need to build a place for hunting. Pre-need to execute examination as well as to determine the places, where sits the bird to feed to near to place the blinds.

Feeding time for the fall can be constantly transforming, due to the fact that the days are cloudy and also wet on a daily basis dramatically lowers the day.

All these situations influence the actions of the pigeon, and he under specific problems may for a day to feed, and at various other it can not satisfy.

When the birds aclults the grain will most likely to a watering-place, where the hunter can masterfully hiding under some Bush or in the blind.

It is suggested to positioned at a distance of not greater than 30-35 meters from the location where pigeons rest. This range is taken into consideration for several of the rooms of the fraction is currently marginal for capturing.

The timber pigeon with packed

If various other kinds of searching requires a minimum of 15 packed animals, to quest the wood pigeon is about 5 as well as sometimes also 3 items to complete his objective.

As a regulation, the plan of stuffed pets do on forage fields, yet this does not mean that they can not be placed elsewhere. An enhanced sense of sociability makes them fly approximately the packed animals.

To use in this manner of hunting is better very early in the morning or evening when it is mostly occur and also the trip of the timber pigeon.

In the summertime when hunting timber pigeon you can use packed. Education life recommends that the wood pigeons, seeing the vacationers or nursing family members, then rest alongside them, while approaching the covert seeker for a great shot.

The wood pigeons respond well to any type of packed pigeons that are sold in almost every hunting shop. It is possible to obtain substantial groups of wood pigeons if you install a whole lot of packed pets or profiles. For small groups or single birds 4-5 packed pets. If packed, you can put the formerly removed birds, giving them a natural resting pose.

You can set the stuffed animals on the ground, poles are amongst the sunflower fields or branches of trees. Effigies are set on earth in the form of a horseshoe, however the best shape to attain is ineffective. Frequently the «« correct » place of the birds can frighten the timber pigeons. Be stuffed need to be 2-3 metres from each other, and also their heads ought to be directed to the wind. Following to the stuffed pets, you can mount a kind of «« pigeon carousel » with birds with spread wings. For this you need a long post and also easily secured thereto a transverse beam, on which a packed. In the wind they rather seem to depict the landing of pigeons.
When the pigeons flew, the hunter must swiftly make a shot and also react. It must be kept in mind that the timber pigeons fly extremely quick as well as can make sharp turns so if you fear that they are in some cases impossible to track. The weapon must have a load as well as a sharp fight, as wood pigeons are solid on the wound.

Sometimes that packed react not those who are waiting seeker. Discovering the pigeons, they can throw a hawk. And also not getting the booty, he might be back quickly. There were scenarios when a hunter fired a pigeon, a hawk, to capture up which the hunter is no longer possible.

Searching in locations night and day

In any case, the pigeon sooner or later departs from forage fields to rest or spend the evening. The task of the hunter is to locate these places.

Extremely usually we discover entire flocks of timber pigeons in the oak trees, where they rest or spend the evening. Discover these favored trees and also construct the following hut, which’ll monitor as well as shooting.

When you pick an area for a tent, focus on the truth that the bottom of the tree was clearly visible.

Coming close to the pigeons in the tree can be alone or in sets, so attempt simply to beat the bird to it is not stuck in between the branches and also is not discouraged for its uncommon position of various other wood pigeons.

When the fields tidy of bread, timber pigeons– recognized to followers of the grain grains instantly groups or alone adhered to the sheaves. At this time, widespread searching for the wood pigeon snow, and also to obtain closer to the birds frequently on all fours. When the birds are starving, it is best to start stalking the birds in the very early morning. Right now they are much less careful and also can maintain the hunter better. When it comes to shot wood pigeons rest as well as fly on close to the trees.

If after that a very long time nothing occurs and also the seeker does not reveal itself, they can go back to the feeding ground. The seeker, well masked, you might not get a single prize. After harvesting, the packages of the timber pigeons start to move to the previous feeding grounds, trying to find the continuing to be grains, however approach them at this time, it is nearly ineffective, as they observe any kind of movement.

Along with grain grains, a favored food of wood pigeons are acorns. In forests where forest edges are oaks, you can locate huge groups of wood pigeons, and also feeding, they fly to the exact same area. Understanding regarding the schedule as well as use by hunters. Beforehand mapping, on any one of the edges feeding the pigeons, you can prepare a hunt for timber pigeon out of hiding, camouflaging it under the surrounding countryside.

The exact same types of hunting you can make use of on rocky or sand pits in the areas where there is a superficial puddle, where the timber pigeons pertain to consume alcohol water or small rocks.
These kinds of hunting for the wood pigeon moldobekova cautious of wild pigeons, and also consequently little made use of by seasoned seekers. One of the most usual types of searching timber pigeons are hunting with a decoy as well as searching decoys.

Searching pigeon with a decoy

This type of hunting is enabled on areas you can apply from mid-spring, when the birds return from the wintering grounds. When hunting with a decoy it appears essential to be able to repeat the audio generated by a male pigeon on the present. The noise that stands for the following tune: «« ku-kuu-ku-ku-Kuru », and the second syllable sounds the loudest. This line is repeated the pigeon 2-4 times, and after that to listen to the last audio of «« hook ». After a time out, once again sounds like a lengthy tune and a closing «« hook»».

If for one reason or another the last sound of the timber pigeon does not create, after that the bird terrified by something and also will certainly soon fly away. Naturally, after observing timber pigeons will come the capability to accurately duplicate these audios.

Experienced seekers generate the sound of the wood pigeon with no extra tools. However, they use hands as a megaphone, where the sound originates from the depths of the throat with an open mouth. Or you can place the hand bent in the direction of each other, squeeze your thumbs and strike into the crack, recreating the preferred track.

Beginners can acquire a decoy for pigeon. The benefit of the wind mancow is that they can be utilized not only for the attraction of this bird. Hence it is needed to blow into the duck call by changing the audio by closing or opening up extra holes.

For such a quest appropriate for the early hours, before 8 a.m., and also the time after 4 PM. Before manene should figure out the approximate place of birds as well as locate the following place of ambush or cover-up. It is preferable to locate a spot near the trees, which if successful manenji the birds will come flying. As well as directly under the tree to rest is not essential, considering that due to the dense crown will not have the ability to see the wood pigeon.

When the place is found, you can begin to attract the bird. When the pigeon quits, throughout the vocal singing of the pigeon seeker need to start moving towards it and stop. If a dove satisfies a seeker, yet not flies a couple of times you can clap your hands, portraying clocked pigeon.

When the seeker listens to the pigeon started, I have actually heard a clapping noise, you need to prepare to fire. Fire better entry, or else the timber pigeon can be placed on a thick tree, where it will be impossible to neglect.

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